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Growing Up Too Young Remember it is a sin to kill a mockingbird 119 In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Scout and Jem lose their innocence after an encounter with injustice however the way they interpret human nature after this encounter is quite different from each other Their thinking process is altered by their gender as well as age which significantly changed their thought process and rate of maturity In the beginning they were both innocent however Jem has the edge because was born four years before Scout and remembers their mother Despite this edge they still have the same outlook towards life at this point Jem and Scout experience the same events throughout their early life For example they both question the Radley house and are extremely curious about Boo Radley They also experience the same events like Miss Maudie's house getting burned down and Ms Dubose s racist language however these experiences are experienced in slightly different ways like Boo Radley giving Scout his jacket and Jem being forced to read to Miss Maudie Their genders also play a great role in this because Scout s rebellious and doesn't like the stereotype of women in their society while Jem doesn't have to deal with that and rather encourages

Scout to go against society's standards of women As a result the both of them experience the same events but experience them differently which may have led to their slight alteration in thinking Scout loses her innocence much earlier than Jem did but despite her supposedly being 4 years younger than Jem she can actually appreciate the human goodness although accompanied by prejudice In chapter 23 Scout replies to Jem who s trying to educate her on the differences between the people in Maycomb County Naw Jem I think there's just one kind of folks Folks 304 This shows that she's not a sheeple and will not go along with what an older person says just because they re supposedly more mature and also shows a bit of her rebellious side Scout think that people are just people are just people and shouldn t be evaluated based on how they were born She also thinks that everyone has a good and bad side and can see the good in people while understanding the prejudice that people like Mayella Ewell have She understands that

Tom Robinson's trial was not fair but she evolves her understanding of human nature through it and doesn't completely change the way she thinks This is relevant because in a sense she preserves her innocence while gaining more insight into the cruel ways of life which not a thing many can do Jem on the other hand loses his innocence and results in becoming cynical and assumes all humans are evil and wants to protect the weak and fragile after the trial of Tom Robinson As indicated with wanting to save the roly poly In chapter 23 he says to Scout You know something Scout I ve got it all figured out now I've thought about it a lot lately and I ve got it figured out There are four kinds of folks in the world There s the ordinary kind like us and the neighbors there's the kind like the Cunninghams out in the woods the kind like the Ewells down at the dump and the Negroes 302 This shows that Jem is extremely cynical and has a very pessimistic outlook on life He believes that people are defined by their backgrounds and their stereotypes and that people cannot change no matter how hard they do they will always be in that category Unlike Scout he does not believe in the good of humanity which leads him to protect helpless and fragile beings from what he perceives as the grasp of the evils of humanity Jem is more of the logical one and tries to make sense of it all instead of understanding and accepting humanity the way it is like

Scout did Scout and Jem arrive at two completely different conclusions in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Despite Jem being the older one out of the two siblings Scout actually arrives at a much more mature conclusion of acceptance Jem ends up rejecting humanity and succumbs to the wrath of stereotypes Jem decides this is the only logical explanation for the behavior of the people of Maycomb County especially during the trial of Tom Robinson Scout accepts humanity as it is taking in the good and bad of humanity equally and grows her open mind to arrive at a deeper understanding of human nature as a whole In a sense Jem is correct that stereotypes play a very important role in the shaping of humanity however Scout takes that thought and fully comprehends the idea of good and evil in order to fuse it together with the idea of stereotypes Stereotypes can alter who we are but the good of humanity can go against it and can make their own unique personality that isn't based on the stereotypes of their race or gender

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