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Focusing on Customers

Most of the companies are quite aware of phenomenon called marketing strategy to reach their desired customer segment but luxury focused companies need to maintain additional business strategy and implement policies to meet their high end customers who are among the first to jump ship and switch vendors if the satisfaction and required value is not provided so keeping in that mind following keys have always been considered by our company Alibin to maintain good relationship and focus on customers Understand High End Clients Forget about positioning because luxury is not comparative Be more than a logo Advocate beliefs Highlight high end offerings and provide desired values Reward your clients and genuinely express Thanks Competitors and market targeting strategy Thanks to globalization it has created a market dynamic that encourages competition more than ever requiring expertise in supply chain optimization and higher quality and efficiency levels Alternatively globalization can also work against company like us if we don t devise certain strategic to remain competitive but we still embrace it as a positive thing Right now our main competitor in the current market are obviously the infamous Tesla hybrid series Jaguar F Type Audi R8 Nissan GT R to name some few Differentiated targeting strategy method is what we have chosen to target out customer segment meaning we use various promotional messages depending on demographic economic and psychographic factors 

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