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Gun Control Laws always has two good argumentative sides either what should be allowed and what should not be allowed when gun Control is involved The US has more than 300 million guns every and stands out as for its gun death rates When Japan has less than one gun per 100 people and fewer than 10 gun deaths a year in the entire country It Started with the violation of the second amendment that states A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed meaning a man from sixteen to sixty has the right to carry weapons and the giver my should not try to stop that or take away that right After the assassination of the president at the time John F Kennedy This situation raised public awareness on the little amount of Control on the amount of people that have firearms in the US because at that time handguns rifles and shotguns were sold over the counter mail catalogs and magazines to any adult anywhere Then The Gun Control Act was to keep firearms out of hands of people who weren t legally entitled to carry one because of age or criminal background The Gun Control Act of 1968 must be 18 years old to buy shotguns or rifles and ammunition 

All other firearms for example handguns can only be sold to people 21 and older Also controls imported guns expands the gun licensing and record keeping requirements limits on the sale of handguns The list of people banned from buying guns is bigger because they were convicted of non business related felony found to be mentally ill or users of illegal drugs The state and local governments make the decisions in if people can carry guns in public laws Control who can have the guns to the people that are set out depending on federal level Gun Control What should happen to make it better because it is out of control now and it seems like it just gets worse is starting with your community making your community a gun safety place Create a training for gun users start with police and then citizens that are legal Gun owners and they should be able to have a date that they have to renew that license and go for a new training Keeping children away from violence protecting your children For example most of the people who own guns legally or illegally are people who have witness violence and are scared they use it for protection of violence they have probably seen while growing up or recently so we can try to start with the children growing up in the world right not start to reduce the violence so they won't have to be afraid and feel like they need a gun for protection States may decide whether the background check is carried out by the FBI s I think states should not have a choice to decide if they want the background check or not because it helps make sure you are not abusing your rights All of that stuff is great to improve on but what about the things about gun Control the don t need improvement

The Large amount or population of people who protest and raise awareness about the gun violence should continue and many people continue to get locked up in these protest sometimes While all of the people that are protesting for the lives of the people they lost to gun violence are being locked up when there are people with illegal guns killing each other The idea and the feeling of having self defense and feeling protected is not wrong and should not be stopped If someone feels that they are a target and it walking empty handed they will feel unsafe and the have every right to have that feeling Security on the guns have checks as people enter certain places like airports schools movies and have random searches in train stations They also have little after school groups or organizations and meetings that invite children young adults and discuss the amount of causes of 16 000 homicides a year and figure out how we can reduce that number each year They should also keep systems like The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives a Department of Justice and they also control the standards for issuing licenses to gun vendors For example Shotguns rifles machine guns firearm mufflers and silencers are Controlled by the National Firearms Act of 1934 where people who buy semi automatic weapons its legal in most states not all So limiting the amount of freedom of gun sales and buyers is a great idea Background checks as I mentioned there is an amendment in the Gun Control Act known as the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act and it requires gun holders to go threw a background check They fill out a federal form known as a ATF 4473 and it checks red flags They use this to make sure you are eligible to keep you firearm

Throughout the years the us have see this and what have been happening and people actually feel like they have been doing all they can and are still working on making the whole gun Control situation finally under control Recently there were some massive shooting and attacks for example the Las Vegas attack the Miami attack and the little terror attacks that has been happening in Manhatten So that will help them figure out how to come back stronger in terms of trying to control an that will take time an the amount of shootings of citizens is not helping neither so we just need to come together as a community and try to make the world at peace

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