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Finland is feminine in its distribution of roles

Finland is feminine in its distribution of roles This means the population is more assertive and caring over mental wellbeing than physical wealth The workforce will be very equally distributed Men and women are treated with the same rights and very little separates the two If conflicts arise they are to be dealt with by negotiation not with aggression Although your company wants to expand and achieve wealth passive decisions need to be made to ensure a successful and unharming outcome In a socialistic form remember to be equal With a more feminine score Finland does not tolerate hierarchy between sexes and groups Your social interactions will focus on well being and ensuring you are happy over rich Strongly prioritizing wealth over quality of life will make you seem haughty and is not common around the country Short term orientation refers to how people react to occurrences that cannot be explained In Finland this is fundamentally the same case as in Canada As an employee you will recognize the approach on subjects to be successful quicker Organizations will do their best to know the truth on material and have a more formal approach on issues

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Mechanism of OL and KB Mechanism was Classified into four Categories

B Mechanism of OL and KB Mechanism was classified into four categories including 1 theories and theoretical background 2 roles and activities 3 types of KT interventions associated with OL and KB and 4 parameters for OL and KB interventions Table 8 and 9 summarize the mechanism data for every study 1 Theories and Theoretical background Most of the studies used OL based on positive results of OL in previous studies 57 62 64 without referring to any theory or theoretical framework that support OL intervention while one study 63 relied on Social Learning Theory 97 which supposes that individuals who have credibility trusted and likeable are likely to be convincing agents of behavioral change Likewise most of studies used KB relied on positive results of KB in previous studies 84 86 89 as well as relied 84 88 90 92 on the knowledge to action KTA framework 6 Figure 7 while one study 91 used the Promoting Action on Research in Health Sciences PARiHS 98 to analysis KB roles Figure 8 2 Roles and activities of OL and KB Roles and activities were classified according to Role Domains Model for Knowledge Brokering 90 Figure 9 that aims to outline role domains of KB in healthcare Since there are significant mutual roles between OL and KB this model was considered as the most appropriate model to report roles of both OL and KB This model consists of five role domains including information manager linking agent capacity builder facilitator and evaluator a Capacity builder was the most common role for both OL and KB n 15 Capacity builder role included delivering and guiding educational meetings 57 60 62 64 84 86 88 89 providing relevant information such as articles evidence based materials or useful websites 84 86 88 89 91 tailoring KT intervention based on their context s needs 84 86 89 directing patients to specific behavior assuming that practitioners will follow them by adopting the same behavior 92 or administrating work to assist

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