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Performance enhancing drugs can have various physical Positive

Performance enhancing drugs can have various physical positive and negative effects that can assist or harm an athlete They have the potential to dramatically alter the human body but also improve athletic performance Doping may help athletes gain a competitive edge but come with potential risks as well as benefits Also with the use of P E D there may be a physical long term impact on the athlete's body Drugs in sports has changed largely over the time and will only keep on evolving exponentially as the years go by In the earlier years there were fewer known performance enhancing drugs that had yet to be discovered and fewer ways and methods of drug testing athletes for performance enhancing drugs use The usage of P E D such as steroids hormones stimulants creatine and many more drugs can give a useful advantage when it comes to an athlete's body Anabolic steroids are perhaps the most commonly used drug in the doping scene Steroids have positive attributes like increasing lean muscle mass which is useful to bodybuilders Also the Rogerston and associates study showed that steroid use increases body size A particular type of steroids are the designer steroids also known as synthetic steroids which are specifically made for athletes 

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