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What Does Being a Patriot Mean to Me

What Does Being a Patriot Mean to Me What Does Being a Patriot Mean to Me Our great country declared its independence on July 4 1776 On August 27 an estimated 10 000 patriots took the battlefield in Long Island to fight the first major battle of the American Revolution after this momentous declaration A brave soldier Commissioned Second Lieutenant of the German Regiment Fourth Battalion of the Continental Army stood on this battlefield willing to put his own interests behind to fight Who was this officer Someone who defines patriotism to me Someone who put their life on the line to help form this great country I am beyond proud to say this was my great great great great great grandfather George Schaeffer George Schaeffer embodies an example of a true patriot He came to this land in search of religious and political freedom in 1750 and he found the promise of these freedoms in our admirable country The Webster Dictionary defines a patriot as one who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests It also goes on to also explain a person who regards himself or herself as a defender especially of individual rights While showing patriotism is a part of being a patriot a true patriot is much more than hanging a flag outside the home and hosting the annual Fourth of July barbecue Patriots fight for their country They are willing to put their lives on hold to fight and protect the ones that can not contest for themselves 

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