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When I was younger my parents would go Out

When I was younger my parents would go out of town quite a bit and leave me home alone My dad was a manager at a large manufacturing company and he travelled a lot on business If he was going somewhere interesting mom would usually tag along She waited until I was 16 before she started doing this and she never left me alone unless it was summer and I was out of school We had a house that was about a quarter of a mile off the main road Our driveway was long and the house was surrounded by woods so it was rather secluded We didn t have a security system at the time but as far as I know no one had ever tried to break in before this particular day I had just graduated from high school and I was bumming around that summer with nothing to do I had been out in the woods shooting one of my dad s shotguns I had a keen interest for guns in those days and I usually went out shooting at least two or three times a week That was a lucky thing for me I guess I was heading back to the house when I heard a car door slam somewhere up ahead I knew my parents were out of town and I wasn t expecting anyone to drop by so I was very curious about who could be at the house I went jogging down the trail to the backyard and that was when I spotted this guy nosing around on our deck He was big with a lot of tattoos and he was bald My heart jumped into my throat and I was suddenly a little scared I squatted down behind the nearest tree and watched the guy He rang the doorbell and then knocked I was just about to yell out and ask him what he wanted when he suddenly broke a pane of glass and forced his way through the backdoor Holy shit we re being robbed I thought I grabbed my cell phone and dialed 911 

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