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English Hatred for a common enemy unites people ridding them of their ability to think beyond the media The government and media are not afraid to turn the perspective of a story and feed propaganda to its people One individual will not make a difference when everyone else will close them out and reject their ideas In 1984 by George Orwell and The Big Brother Test When You Add It All Up Does It Come to 1984 by Rand Richards Cooper both writers illustrate how hatred gives a leader the ability to gain full support from its people By spreading hate lies and propaganda through media a government is able to alter truth for its people yet still be protected by them Hatred unites people to their leaders because they support their government and trust that they will deal with the nation s enemy in a war In fact governments like those of the Party and America propel hate through its people to channel anger into a drive for revenge 

The Party the dystopian system presented in 1984 creates a Hate Week celebration and a daily two minute hate to create vengeance in its people in which uncontrollable exclamations of rage were breaking out from half the people in the room Orwell 13 This anger clouds sensible judgement because people's minds are centered around their rival A Party member is supposed to live in a continuous frenzy of hatred and foreign enemies and internal traitors and self abasement before the power and wisdom of the Party Orwell 211 By encouraging hatred people focus on the enemy and the war rather than their leader s actions Simply they rely on their government to help solve their problems creating strong connections of trust The administration builds upon this relationship through encouraging hatred through propaganda In the case of the September 11th terrorist attacks George W Bush controls the media psychologically claiming that you re either with us or you re with the terrorists Cooper 5 

The administration wanted people to believe the lie that Iraq was involved in the attack making them an object of American hate so the leaders could spark a war The media fell to the mindsets of the people around them and became submissive to governmental lies under the fear that its supporters would turn against them Cooper 4 Similarly the Party physically controls the media rewriting history to conform to administrative ideals and changes If the Party changes truth people go along with it There was of course no admission that any change has taken place Merely it became known with extreme suddenness and everywhere at once that Eastasia and not Eurasia was the enemy Orwell 180 Although the Party is blatantly dishonest hate blinds people from the truth From trust formed by hate citizens believe their leaders and their lies without questioning the validity of the media Undoubtedly in both stories the unaware hateful people serve as protection for the ideas of their government Determined for war and hate they reject people who disagree with them on any level Antiwar speeches presented after 9 11 resulted in one speaker being booed offstage and another whose microphone was repeatedly unplugged Cooper 5

Supporters prevent the people who oppose the government from speaking their mind They pressure the people who stand out to think similarly to everyone else In 1984 children protect the government and report those who oppose their ideas looking out all night and day for symptoms of orthodoxy Orwell 24 Workers of the government force people who disagree with their leaders to think parallel with everyone else You must love Big Brother It is not enough to obey him you must love him Orwell 282 The government unites a group of people loyal to itself through hatred gaining a mass of mindless followers who believe its lies Lies can be spread by the government yet its people will still be supporters Due to enforced hatred and established trust the government controls the media and changes reality for its people while still being protected by them Hatred from a nation s enemy is established through government propaganda and can actually strengthen the relationship that a government has with its people The people are so thirsty for revenge that they seek the help of the government resulting in this false established trust

 The society Orwell paints in 1984 is easily susceptible to the government's lies however his ideas do not differ much than from the real world after 9 11 In both scenarios a physical and psychological grip on the mind of a citizen makes it impossible for one to escape society and its beliefs If the ones with different ideas are presented with the opportunity to speak against those who trust the government stories like the aftermath of 9 11 and 1984 could have ended on a completely different note Word Count 807 8 2 791 Target 700 CUT DOWN BY 91 WORDS Works Cited Orwell George 1984 New American Library 1977 Rand Richards C The Big Brother Test When You Add It All Up Does It Come to 1984 Hartford Courant 5 Sep 07 2003 ProQuest Web 9 Jan 2018

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