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Did you ever think you relied on help too much The federal government offers a lot of help to our society The issue is how much help people need from the government Some people say that government welfare has a positive outcome however government welfare is having a negative outcome because it is causing people to be dependent it is putting our economy in debt and a high percentage of our society is still poor The welfare program has its positive side It was designed to help people in need Such as people with a lot of children with a very low or no income at all The present federally dominated welfare system was adopted in response to the Depression of the 1930s Welfare reform Undoing the Mistakes It can help people find a home or even to be able to purchase food with the usage of food stamps This program provides a way for people to find a job as well so they would be able to support their families without the need of assistance anymore The system is a wonderful thing to have so we can see less people on our streets and and more smiles from people in our society It's great to see that our government is helping out or society First of all there are so many people relying on government assistance Nearly half of all Americans get a check from the government Ending Welfare As We Know It There is nothing wrong with having a little help but for how long It seems like people that are on the program expect the government to provide them with everything they need for the rest of their lives in order for them to have a stable life 

According to the Heritage Foundation 128 million Americans or more than 41 percent of the population now receive benefits from one or more federal assistance programs Borowski Almost half of the world is using government assistance One s whole life should not be based on living off of government assistance When one uses welfare the trend might just continue through their generations It is a nice to get a little bit of help to take care of family but after a while one should be able to become independent It just seems like people will just use this program forever To add on our economy already has a lot of debt and more of that debt comes from the welfare program The enrollment and cost of government programs have grown at an alarming rate Borowski As more people join the program the cost increases This is absurd According to the Senate budget committee the federal government has spent over 3 7 trillion dollars on about 80 different welfare and poverty programs over the past five years Borowski This is a lot of money for anyone to be spending Obviously there are too many people that need assistance if the government has to spend over a trillion dollars for people to get by If more programs are being added the cost goes up In addition by adding these programs it makes more space for more people to join and that is more spending for our federal government The end result is even more debt The last thing to mention is that a large part of our society is still poor Even though we ve spent over 20 trillion on welfare since the War on Poverty began in 1964 today in the richest nation on Earth 47 million people remain poor about 15 of the population Ending Welfare As We Know It That is a large amount of people who live in poverty There are so many government programs in order to help out the poor 

The programs include food stamps subsidized housing free medical care free child care and home energy assistance Borowski There are so many programs to help out but why are so many still poor When people have trouble paying their rent or is not able to buy food to eat they seek help from the government They offer so much help but it is not working properly Poverty should be decreasing but sadly this is not the case The government still has a few kinks to work out in order to keep everyone happy There are many positive and negative things about it but the negative seems to stand out more The assistance is causing people to become dependent digging our economy into deeper debt and not really improving poverty The welfare program was created to help out but it might be giving too much The help seems to be causing many There are debates about this issue and people are taking it too lightly If not enough people care about this situation when the government makes a change it might affect someone that it didn't affect before The government was created was to keep our people stable but right now with these issues it doesn't seem like it

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