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One must determine what the key requirements for cCybersecurity

One must determine what the key requirements for cybersecurity are the organization may benefit from using a cyber attack simulator The cyber attack simulators are key indicators Companies tend to use a military simulation of operative fields These simulations are designed to illustrate how a cyber attack could affect their organization One example would be to use ARENA SECUSIM or OPNET Modeler companies can use any of these software programs to simulate a cyber attack on the workstation This allows the organization to demonstrate and evaluate step by step There are 2 ways an organization can run a simulation one is to run it spontaneously so they can see how the system responds in real time or they can establish when and where the outbreak will occur in the system and follow it With simulators companies can simulate many different types of assaults attacks Many of the simulations are geared towards gaining access to the PC which includes attacking other PCs on the same network or server These simulations can also recreate the entire network and perform attacks using multi tiered layers of routers and system hardware The private and public sectors have different viewpoints when it comes to cybersecurity 

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