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Alberto Aguilera Valadez was born in Parácuaro Michoacán January 7 1950 and it is said that he died in Santa Monica United States August 28 2016 He better known as Juan Gabriel in honor of his admiration was a singer-songwriter actor composer musician record producer and Mexican philanthropist Also known as El Divo de Juárez His contributions to popular music in America are remarkable in different genres such as ballad ranchera bolero pop northern music rumba flamenco huapango Chicano music salsa mariachi Sinaloa band disco big band and even songs from cradle he wrote to each of his children It was the main bastion of contemporary Mexican regional music in the last third of the 20th century until the moment of his death He has sold more than 100 million albums as a soloist music producer and with the Spanish Rocío Dúrcal as well as Banda El Recodo and Mariachi Vargas His compositions have been translated into languages as diverse as Turkish German French Italian Tagalog Greek Papiamento Portuguese and English He was also known for carrying out works designed to offer development opportunities to unfortunate children

He was the benefactor of more than a hundred children housed in a school called Semjase created in 1987 in Ciudad Juárez Chihuahua Juan Gabriel died at age 66 on August 28 2016 due to a heart attack in Santa Monica California United States while giving his tour Mexico is everything Alberto said that he wanted for people to listen to him and to know more than a hundred songs that he had already composed So he traveled in 1968 to Tijuana California and other places where he surprisingly did not succeed Years later he returned to Tijuana to have the opportunity to work at a bar where he met San Sussie In that place he met José Alfredo Jiménez and Alicia Juárez Together they saw Grace Renat perform Later he went to Juarez where he finally had the opportunity to work at Bar Noa Noa by David Bencuomo who offered his support and gave him the opportunity to sing accompanied by Los Prisioneros del Ritmo singing his own songs and songs by other authors

He later wrote a song about that bar that became a number 1 hit Juan Gabriel or Adam Luna at the time gained recognition from the local public He traveled to Mexico City where he got the opportunity to do choirs for artists such as Angelica Maria Leo Dan and Roberto Jordan within the RCA After help with money he went to Mexico City On this occasion in search of a record company he was falsely accused of theft and due to his age imprisoned in the Penitentiary of Lecumberri From that place he wrote letters to his mother After 18 months he was released aided by the singer Enriqueta Jiménez When there was no reliable evidence of his guilt he was released He was taken to the director of the RCA who listened to him and sent him with the musical producers Eduardo Magallanes and Enrique Okamura who did the first tests and extended his first professional contract to start what would be his first record production Since he had a high voice he could do things a lot of other artist couldn t His popular origin and his persistence for success were highlighted as well as his empathy with people for the composition of songs on thing people like and feel such as lack of love irony about it lack of money or migration to the United States

He also innovated within the mariachi genre composing songs that transcended the typical themes of the genre being an interpreter of the genre outside the macho stereotype that characterized other famous singers of the genre and even the transformation of the traditional clothing of the genre in colors such as pink In other words was unique At the time of Juan Gabriel s success movements for sexual diversity in Mexico were not as visible or influential Therefore one of the things of Juanga s private life that made a lot of curiosity and interest and that never had a clear answer was about his sexual orientation due to his openly feminine behavior his colorful dress and his unique way of dancing As a result the artist throughout his life wrongfully received insults slander and ridicule towards his person In his authorized biography the author openly asked him about the topic but he didn't answer He did however have supposable a few children and adopted children though he never got married Juan Gabriel was militant of the Institutional Revolutionary

Party PRI He had the friendship of several presidents like Carlos Salinas de Gortari who attended with his family a concert that the artist gave at the time at the Palace of Fine Arts He helped in various presidential campaign where he opened concerts to persuade the audience to vote for the PRI candidate He also did it in the presidential campaign of Francisco Labastida to the federal elections of Mexico in 2000 with a musical theme that read Ni Temo ni Chente Francisco is going to be president alluding to the presidential candidates Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas and Vicente Fox Before his death he left an email addressed to the president of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto in which he assured him that both he and the PRI would never leave His last concert was the night of Friday August 26 2016 in Los Angeles California as part of the tour Mexico es todo Juan Gabriel who died of a heart attack at 11 43 a m local time on Sunday August 28 2016 at his home in Santa Monica California He was 66 years old

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