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People around the world need healthcare to make sure they stay in perfect health To stay perfectly healthy people needs access to doctors nurses and other health professionals including health information management to evaluate and document their healthcare diagnosis and care However health professional has experience some issues when it comes to take care of people's health One of the main issues that many healthcare providers face is the wide variety of diversity of their patient s culture and beliefs There are many cultures and beliefs around the world Because of the variety of culture and beliefs many health professional face barriers that interfere with the care of their patient s health The most common barriers that health professionals face include language health and personal attitudes in a workplace environment Language barriers are one of the most common barriers that health professional faces in a healthcare setting There are many languages around the world Unfortunately most people only speak and understands only one language which is usually depends on where they live Unfortunately there are circumstances in people's lives that cause people to move to another city state or country

When people move they might move into a place that speaks a different language that they do not know With no knowledge or ability to speak the new language the person that moved will fall into disadvantage if they become sick and need to search for healthcare When they come to seek treatment the sick person will struggle to try to communicate with the doctors and nurses about their condition Since the patient speaks a different language the doctors and nurses might be unable to correctly diagnose or treat the patient The language barrier can lead to mistakes in diagnosing and treating the patient and can increase cost of their medical bills This issue of language barriers can affect the amount and quality of health care received Ihara Cultural Competence in Health Care Is It Important for People with Chronic Conditions In addition if the doctors or nurses try to bring an interpreter the interpreter will translate what the patient is saying However the price to have an interpreter will increase the cost of the healthcare so doctors might avoid the use of interpreters due to time and cost issues Garvin Healthcare Disparities and the Role of Personal Health Records For example a female patient from Mexico that relocates to the United States becomes sick and goes to the hospital Unfortunately she does not speak English so the doctors and nurses do not know how to help her because she is telling her symptoms in Spanish In order to find out what is wrong the doctors and nurses run many tests to rule out any possible diseases that might be causing her symptoms Having multiple medical tests will increase the cost of the health care which may or may not solve the medical issue with the patient 

Another barrier that health professional face is health Health is a big concern when it comes to taking care of patients from different culture The reason for the concern is that different cultures have various restrictions and rules on the lifestyles of patients These restrictions can range from food and medicine to blood or body parts If a person has any of these restrictions on certain medical procedures based on their culture beliefs it could cause a blemish on themselves or their soul In order to respect culture beliefs health professional might have to figure alternative ways to treat the patient while respecting their beliefs which is a big barrier in trying to treat the patient For example many medications have a gelatin base This pork derivative is taboo in the Muslim culture so alternative formulations or remedies have to be considered for Muslim faith patients Berg How Does Culture Affect Healthcare The final barrier that many health professionals often face is the attitudes in a workplace environment Healthcare professionals can come from different culture backgrounds However to have a successful working hospital or clinic all healthcare professionals have to work together as a single unit Working together can become an issue when different cultures clash The culture clash can leave people feeling that they are being discriminated against racial or ethnic identity gender socioeconomic status weight or age in health care settings Newcomb Stereotypes in Health Care Can Make Patients Feel Worse Study Finds If these issues of prejudice are not solved the hospital or clinic will provide poor service to patients that need their help The poor service would cause patients to avoid the hospital or clinic which in turn can cost the hospital or clinic of potential payments because nobody wants to pay for poor service In conclusion health professional faces many difficult barriers in the healthcare environment Some of the main barriers are language health and attitudes in a workplace environment These barriers can create difficult issues that impact patient s health If these issues are not address people's lives can be as stake as well as the financial stability of the healthcare provider

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