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China then and Nowadays

China then and Nowadays China is a country located in the Asia region specifically it borders the China East Sea in the China south between Vietnam and North Korea and has 23 provinces and 5 autonomous regions China is one of the countries that has evolved over time and is considered a world power A country which since then and until today is rich in natural resources that have helped the country to emerge and today is considered one of the most megadiverse countries in the world Also China has a large population in which they communicate through Mandarin that is his native language but there in some different places of China they communicate with different dialects for oral expression Throughout the time it has emerged so much that nowadays China is a powerful country in an economy because of the ties it has made with other countries and history For years it has been noticed that China has always been one of the largest economic powers in the world It has been possible to learn that China is a country where every day it grows economically since it has a high level of import and export of different merchandise As it is seen as one of the largest producers in differing branches for example one of the economic powers in China is agriculture where a large part of the population is dedicated to the sowing of cotton potatoes grain among other products Another of the economic powers in China is mining where they take advantage of the wealth offered by their lands

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