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EDUCATIONAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY ON SEXUAL EDUCATION Sexual education is a very important subject of discussion through all the stages of life Straight from childhood to adulthood sexual education is a topic that elicits some curiosity It is important that parents mentor their children properly from that tender age and help them form good ideologies on sexual matters This I believe is going to stick with them for as long as possible and even when they grow into adults who are capable of forming their own opinions inevitably they will be influenced by their parents counsel Other stakeholders in this issue are teachers These are the people who actually shape the children s future They are in custody of the kids for a longer time than parents With a proper educational system that incorporates sexual education a lot of trouble would be avoided For example teenage pregnancies Teachers need to continue talking to students in every one level of education about matters sexual education Peers and friends are also a great source of information Growing up my parents made sure ia associated with the right crowd lest I begin to pick on habits that they did not approve of My parents were very strict about the friends I kept It was a requirement that I brought all my friends home for them to be familiarized with each other I was told to drop some on a number of occasions 

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