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Policymakers have struggled to secure greater levels of liberalization

Policymakers have struggled to secure greater levels of liberalisation and have attempted to attain an all embracing policy to improve the price margins reduce emissions and ensure the security of supply ever since the privatisation of gas and electricity in Great Britain CMA 2016a Among the following objectives the security of energy supply did not disappoint as there has been no significant incidents that threatens this in recent years Nevertheless unsettling news in correspondence to the affordability of energy as the rise in domestic prices have surpass inflation over the past ten years which leads us to the questionable profitability levels of firms CMA 2016a In addition to that the service quality provided has also declined Market structure The physical supply chains for gas and electricity are widely similar as electricity is transported to customers via high voltage transmission lines and low voltage distribution lines whereas gas is transported to customers via high pressure transmission pipes and low pressure distribution pipes CMA 2016a The difference between transmission and distribution transmission is meant for long distances and high voltages pressure around the country whereas distribution is for lower voltages pressures into homes and businesses Webxsol 2018 Energy suppliers work as the middle man as they buy energy in the wholesale market and sell it to the consumers who have an array of suppliers to choose from Electricity and gas wholesale markets have similar characteristics contracts can be arranged over multiple periods ranging from a number of years to on the day trading markets trading can occur bilaterally or on exchanges CMA 2016a 

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The Latin term anorexia nervosa

The Latin term anorexia nervosa stands for nervous loss of appetite however it is not a very accurate description of this mental health condition Halse et al 2007 Anorexia nervosa or simply anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by very strict limitation of the food intake NHS 2018 which it is not affected by lack of appetite The primary concern for anorexic person is an extreme anxiety about the amount of fat on their body and illogical fear of weight gain by consuming too many calories which triggers the voluntary self starvation Stephenson 2017 The term anorexia nervosa was used for the first time by Sir William Gull during the nineteenth century Till 2011 However cases of women voluntarily refusing food and even starving themselves to death have already been documented in the fourth century Halse et al 2007 In 1689 Richard Morton published the first medical description of anorexia Halse et al 2007 There are various incidence statistics for anorexia available in the UK According to The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE roughly one in 250 women and one in 2000 men will suffer from anorexia 2004 Approximately one in every 250 British women between ages of 15 and 30 years is affected by anorexia every year Priory 2018 According to Beating Eating Disorders Beat 2018 approximately 1 2 young women are suspected of anorexia and around 11 out of 100 thousand develop the condition every year 

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