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Cameras transfer any size length and width Magnitude

In today's cameras transfer any size length and width magnitude in two dimensions Consequently our image data are limited to the digital environment in these two dimensions But we perceive every object in the earth as three dimensions which we define it as depth and we do not define the depth of image is in the digital media This is why we re starting our project is to transfer these three dimensional objects that we have seen and that we have perceived to the digital medium in the same way in three dimensions If we succeed the project we can perceive the third dimension in the same way the digital media So Every object you can see with your eyes you can store and use it what do you want in the digital media 3 D scanner is not very common in the world One of the biggest reasons is very new technology of 3D scanner and its prices are very high Another reason is that many scanners are not portable and also are not good enough scanning capacity of scanners These reasons are due to restrictions on use too much In our project we plan to make a portable 3D scanner by bringing a solution to this situation So any object surface and environment can be scanned at this point without any usage restriction In addition our scanner is designed to be low cost and easy to use compared to its foreign counterparts The 3D scanner has many benefits It s use that it is especially common in reverse engineering 

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