Essay Example on Hello My name is Rocky I lived during WWII I live in London









England Today my dad told me the Germans were being mean to people and we might have to hide soon I never really knew what he meant until today It started when I heard a slight rumbling sound and heard few people screaming I went over to investigate It turns out I didn't really have to get any closer As soon as I took a step I heard a plane zoom above me I looked up and saw the symbol of the Nazis the swastika I screamed and ran because I knew what was going to happen The Germans were being real mean As soon as I started running I saw a boy waving violently for me to come over there He said You better watch out Rocky Those Germans are dropping bombs all over You can take shelter with me And then we ran Me and the boy dove into the safe room And as soon as we slammed the door we heard one more bomb being dropped The ruckus shook the safe room and I fell over By the way I said to him What's your name The boy looked at me silently and sighed I don t know He said The only thing I do know is where I came from He showed me a flyer that said Join the Hitler Youth Become Hitler's loyal companion In the background of the flyer was a symbol the swastika inside of a red and white diamond shape The Hitler Youth I said Sounds like that's where we need to go to find out about the bombs The boy nodded sighed and said 

The Hitler Youth is an organization if we want to infiltrate it we ll have to go from campus to campus looking for clues about the big school and its location What do you mean by big school I asked Their main location He said But where is it We crept outside and all was silent no bombs no people just crushed buildings Follow the flyers I guess I said All around us were Hitler Youth flyers First school comin right up The boy said And then we took off running Pg 1 CHAPTER 2 As soon as we got there I guess everyone was sleeping because all the lights were off Me and the boy ran toward the building and went inside and saw a skeleton sitting in a chair leaned over with cobwebs hanging off I cringed and turn and saw a big hole in the side of the building and the hole continuing down out of the building to the ground The boy looked over at me and said Something definitely happened here Yeah I said Now we should probably get what we came here for As we look around I saw a fountain in the back I went out of the hole walked into the yard and saw a nazi flag hanging up out of the fountain There was a plaque that said 1937 bombed by Nazi Stormtroopers I gasped I turned around and ran toward the boy We shouldn t be here I tried to tell him I was sprinting towards him but it was to late A hand reached out of the shadows a pulled him in I was alone And it was getting darker so I have to get out of here The last thing I heard was Nighty Night And then it went black

When I woke up i was tied to a chair with people surrounding me One of them was the boy but he was tied up as well Why are you here one of them said Especially why come with him another said and pointed towards the boy They were all staring at me Because I said WE RE TRying to take down the Hitler youth WHAT A boy said WE ARE TOO As soon as they said that they untied us There were three boys They told me their names John Jacob and their leader Sam As I could tell they were about in the 3rd grade I m in the 4th So I m a year older i guess They took us outside after that and showed us how they got around Sitting there on the side of the road was a brand new Plymouth Roadking 1940 automobile So we took it for a spin Hey dude John said We re kinda on the run from the police Its fine I said And leaned back in the car We re Here I heard Sam say from the front of the car I got out of the car to see our real first school Its name was Biftyuo Preparatory Academy The only way to get in I said is to pretend we re students and tell the guards at the front we came from another school Everyone nodded Then we walked up to the guard Sir we are students from another school Our mummy and daddy sent us here Sam said The guard looked at us for a second and then sighed Names He said jotting down who knows what in his journal I looked at the boys and shrugged Tom me Egad Sam Pueblo John Bob Jacob and Billy the boy The guard eyed us speciously and chucked Strange couple of names you got there He said He opened the door I pumped a fist in the air or whatever they do in America and went inside for the first time

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