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Paymaster for a shoe company in South Braintree Massachusetts was shot and Killed

Sacco and Vanzetti Trial On April 15 1920 a paymaster for a shoe company in South Braintree Massachusetts was shot and killed The killers were described as Italian men who escaped with 15 776 51 Police found Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti in a car shop with what they believed to be what was used as the getaway car What turns out to have happened though is that Sacco and Vanzetti had participated in a separate crime on the same day as the robbery and killing Police believed that both jobs had been done by the same gang and arrested Sacco and Vanzetti On July 14 1921 the Italian anarchists were convicted and sentenced to die for a crime the arguably didn't commit This was in large part due to the anti radical sentiment that America held strongly at that time The trial as a whole was regarded by many as unlawfully sensational Even though authorities failed to uncover evidence suggesting they stole the almost 16k and much of the evidence used to convict them had been discredited the Supreme Court refused to upset the verdict In the next few years following their conviction sporadic protest were held throughout the country especially after Celestino Madeiros confessed to have taken part in the original crime with the Joe Morelli gang Even though evidence proving their innocence was brought forth they were both executed on August 23 1927 causing many to question the legitimacy of the US legal system Isolationism Isolationism is the foreign policy that the US embraced adopted after WW1 At its core it was a diplomatic and economic doctrine in which the US aimed at self advancement and neglected international affairs 

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