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The hessians are the 30 000 German spoken communication soldier hired by the brits to help fight with the british due to lack of soldier during the revolutionary war The hessians were drawn from the high german state Hermann Hesse Cassel although soldiers from other german states also saw action in America At the time Germany was not a unified commonwealth but were a collection of personal states that share a language and culture Hiring foreign forces was very unusual in the eighteenth century for any country For Hesse Cassel soldiers were a major export for their defense system during the revolutionary war By renting its army to the Brits Hesse Cassel took in an amount equal to about thirteen years worth of tax revenue from the soldiers This allowed the state s prince the Landgraf Friedrich II to keep taxation low and german spending high Even so military needs dominated the country because of the bringing of the 30 000 german language soldiers Hesse Kassel had always been a poor a midsize field of villages shaped by subsistence agriculture At the same clock time it ballad between the parts of Prussia and athwart some of the regular itinerary of the contending armies of the colonists The result was catastrophe on all levels the countryside wasted and the government deprived of its usual sources of revenue

The armed forces service was not particularly popular as Hesse slowly recovered from its bruising And that convalescence was limited it was so limited it was difficult to sustain a personal sufficient to protect Hesse s political sovereignty and reserve integrity In 1676 its regular army totaled a mere 23 companies When the young men children turned seven they were registered for armed forces and each year men ages from sixteen to thirty had to present themselves to an official for possible initiation into the defense organization Some men were exempted because their occupations were considered vital to the state of matter But others such as school dropouts bankrupts servants without masters idlers and the unemployed were deemed expendable people and could be forced into service at any time Life in the Hessian Army was harsh The system aimed to instill iron discipline and the punishments could be brutal Still morale was generally high Officers were well educated promotion was by merit and soldiers took pride in serving their prince and their people Furthermore military service provided economic benefits The families of soldiers were exempt from certain taxes wages were higher than in farm work and there was the promise of booty the money that was earned through the sale of captured military property and plunder property taken from civilians To begin with the Declaration of Independence was wrong the Hessians were not mercenaries in the generally accepted sense of the term men serving the British as individuals under specified conditions of enlistment Instead they were classified under international law as auxiliaries subjects of a ruler who assisted another by providing soldiers in return for money In a modified form this process remains recognized in law and practice to the germans The penchant for plunder made the Hessians unpopular with the Americans colonists 

The Declaration of Independence for example condemned the king for transporting large armies of foreign Mercenaries to complete the works of death desolation and tyranny already begun with circumstances of cruelty and perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation During the war Hessian plundering often pushed neutral or indifferent Americans to the Patriot side of the war During the later years of the war Hessian soldiers formed part of the British force that seized the southern cities of Savannah and Charleston from the Americans and Pensacola from the Spanish army A large Hessian contingent was also captured along with the rest of Lord Cornwallis s British army at the decisive battle of Yorktown Virginia and became the third large Hessian force to have surrendered during the revolutionary war In all it is estimated that nearly half of the total Hessian contingent did not return to their native Germany Some became either American or Canadian citizens by discharge or desertion and others were killed or died of disease during their long years of service during the Revolution In spite of such hostility some 3 000 Hessians decided they liked the country well enough to make it their new home after the war and they declined returning to Europe In America they lived side by side and perhaps shared a Christmas drink with their former foes for good cheer Out of the 30 000 hessians that were taken from their homes in germany there were only around 1 200 hessians were killed in action

Where 6 345 were killed by sickness or from wounds Where only a total of 20 000 american soldiers lives were lost in the war A reason why the germans stayed in america was because of the rich land america had Over 44 million german farmers are farming the grounds of the united states So that is my guess on why some of the hessians stayed in america Over 4 972 hessians stayed in america where over 17 313 returned back to home in germany The Hessians fought in almost every battle although after 1777 the Brits used them mainly as garrison and patrol troops An compartmentalisation of Hessians fought in the battles and campaigns in the southern states during 1778 80 including Guilford Courthouse and two regiments fought at the Siege of Yorktown in 1781

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