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The movie Hidden Figures was a powerful movie

The movie Hidden Figures was a powerful movie about women who were in NASA and were fighting to put forth their efforts in saving the Space Program This movie portrayed a strong message about a historical struggle of three African American women who faced discrimination working in the West Computing Group of NASA in the 1960s The protagonists Katherine Goble Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson did calculations for the engineers experiments by hand instead of using a calculator They were undermined for their skills because their superiors rejected to acknowledge them as engineers or mathematicians even though they performed all of the calculations necessary before the use of machinery Instead they were dehumanized by the title of computers given to them by the white administration This movie took place during a time where there was still segregation through the Jim Crow laws The women amongst other African Americans were kept at the bottom of the racial hierarchy and experienced many varying degrees of prejudices There was day to day segregation and sexism that happened in the 1960s that was considered normal

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