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Borivali It is a suburban Locality

Borivali It is a suburban locality known exclusively for its greenery and spacious apartments The popular neighbouring destinations include Dahisar Kandarpada Yogi Nagar Shimpoli Goria LT Road and few more areas on the eastern side The locality is one of the popular suburbs of Mumbai famous as the suburb of gardens It also boasts of social amenities like schools hospitals colleges and restaurants Benefits for residents in this locality include a Borivali railway station is the starting point for local and outstation trains Also The Mumbai Metro construction is going on in full swing and very soon Borivali will have connectivity through the proposed Metro station b presence of excellent schools degree colleges engineering colleges and MBA institutes c green zone around the locality Sanjay Gandhi Park d less traffic as compared to Kandivali up to Churchgate e close connectivity to Link Road and Western Express Highway Capital values The ongoing capital values in Borivali West range from Rs up to Rs per sq ft Social entertainment 

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Problems in generating distinct planar kinematic chains is the detection of Isomorphism

INTRODUCTION One of the major problems in generating distinct planar kinematic chains is the detection of isomorphism A lot of time and effort has been devoted to developing a reliable and computationally efficient technique Structural analysis and synthesis is very important in the design of mechanisms Identifying isomorphism among kinematic chains is an essential step in kinematic mechanism synthesis Undetected isomorphism results in duplicate solutions and unnecessary effort and falsely identified isomorphism eliminates possible candidates for new mechanisms The study of mechanisms begins as early as the Iron age when people started building simple machines Today mechanisms are encountered everywhere from nano mechanical devices to the space shuttle Due to the great need for new mechanisms automated design of mechanisms from a given set of functional requirements is advantageous During the conceptual design phase some of the functional requirements can be transformed into structural requirements of the mechanisms The structural studies of kinematic mechanisms are broadly divided into structural synthesis and structural analysis

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Anesthesia machines have increasingly become fully Electronic

Anesthesia machines have increasingly become fully electronic and automated integrating monitoring ventilation and anesthetic delivery systems all in one compact machine Gone are the days when an anesthetist was required to manually check each individual vital component of the anesthesia machine step by step This often required considerable amount of time to fully complete the machine checkout The modern anesthesia machine checkout is fully automated and can be completed with a push of a button Some components of an electronic checkout are mandatory and the other optional figure 3 This brief report describes a potentially injurious and unsafe condition associated with optional low pressure leak Low P Leak test in Aisys CS2 anesthesia system Datex Ohmeda Inc GE Healthcare Waukesha WI The Aisys CS2 user s reference manual recommends preoperative optional low P leak test In Aisys CS2 the positive pressure Low P Leak test detects machine leak before the breathing system upstream from the inspiratory valve between the common gas outlet and high pressure pneumatics and includes the gas mixture and the vaporizer It measures low pressure pneumatic leaks of 50 ml The Aisys CS2 user s reference manual describes different method of performing positive pressure Low P Leak test depending on the configuration of the machine i e presence or absence of Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet ACGO In the non ACGO Aisys

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