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Geography Mexico is located on the continent of North America

Geography Mexico is located on the continent of North America Mexico covers 1 943 945 square kilometers 1207911 422 square miles It also covers 20 430 square kilometers of water 12694 613 square miles These statistics make it the 14th largest nation in the world with a grand total area of 1 964 375 square kilometers 1220606 036 square miles Mexico shares land borders with three countries United States of America Guatemala and Belize To the north lies the United States Mexico border which extends for 3 141 kilometers 1 952 miles through Baja California Sonora Chihuahua Coahuila Nuevo León and Tamaulipas To the southeast lies the Belize Mexico border which is 251 kilometers 156 miles Also in the southeast is the Guatemala border which is 871 kilometers 541 miles long and touches Quintana Roo Campeche Tabasco and Chiapas The United States is about 5 times the size of Mexico The United States is 9 833 517 square kilometers while Mexico is 1 964 375 square kilometers 201 million more people live in the United States than Mexico The capital of Mexico is called Mexico City which was originally founded as Tenochtitlán and has a population of about 21 million people Mexico City is the 6th largest city in the world Mexico City has 16 boroughs It is located in the Valley of Mexico a high plateau area with a height of 7545 feet Mexico City is the center of financial political and cultural power in the country

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