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Brandon Valadez Ratermann English III

Brandon Valadez Ratermann English III The Model of Man Homo Sapiens or modern humans have been around for about 200 000 years Through amazing survival skills and a tremendous amount of coincidence they progressed into today as the thinking and complicatedly emotional creatures we are As strong as the need for procreation and survival was something that played a prominent role was different than the role of instinct The idea of attractiveness that is subconscious for the most part has always found its way to be prevalent in really pushing people to their partner This can be seen in lots of complex creatures but it s most unique in humans So many thoughts when defining the prototypical well built man can come to mind Often time these features kind of point to the umbrella of a trait that is masculinity highlighted in almost all cultures both modern and past Masculinity itself is one of the main things male attractiveness is rooted in so it makes sense evolutionarily Defined by many features that point us to our primal past as early Homo Sapiens is the idea of being a big strong man In Proceedings of the Royal Society B Biological Sciences it was found that women think formidable men the ones who look like they can get in a fight and win it to be the most attractive This attractiveness is displayed in the upper body of a man 

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