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History the one thing that remains marked and unchanged from the beginning of times to now More importantly the history of us humans and how we evolve to have an impact that can be positive and beneficial to our existence However there are also conflicts that can act as consequences from our actions From creation we have destruction from curiosity we have danger from power we have discrimination Today our society faces heavy and dangerous conflicts that relate to discrimination It s something that everyone has to go through at some point in their lives and its been like that for years and years It seems as if it won t ever fade away and what s worst is that it s something that we ve created Although there are those who have attempted to speak out against this act of hate and unjust treatment Such as people who go through and witness it every day to people who are known throughout the world as leaders People like Martin Luther King Jr Rosa Parks Desmond Tutu Nelson Mandela Malala Yousafzai Mahatma Gandhi and many others All Activists against once common enemy discrimination There were also those who unfortunately witnessed discrimination in their jobs like Muhammad Ali One of the greatest boxers of all time who was breaking records and winning fights left and right But nothing was compared to his greatest fight of all racial discrimination in the boxing league Muhammad Ali now that s a very popular name to many 

The famous boxer Muhammad Ali born with the name Cassius Clay Jr went through racial discrimination for most of his life Growing up in Louisville Kentucky he lived with his Father Cassius Clay Sr and Mother Odessa along with his Brother Rudy His family was not rich but they weren t poor He hadn t decided to become a boxer until he addressed a police officer about his bike being stolen in which the officer had told him to learn to box when he was 12 years old From that point on Ali become a boxer and was coached by the officer for a short period of time before switching to a different trainer He went on to fight in an amateur boxing league eventually leading him to the summer Olympics of 1960 and winning the lightweight heavyweight gold medal Despite having won that medal he returned home with the same treatment from his hometown He soon became a professional boxer and led a great career before his retirement in 1981 In his professional career many people had made racist remarks and had done other things to break Cassius physically and emotionally Including being inducted into the military which for religious reasons he refused that would ve ended his boxing career Instead he neglected the terms and was imprisoned for 5 years while also being banned from boxing for 3 years In addition Muhammad Ali was also stripped of his Heavyweight

Championship During his time spent away from the ring Muhammad Ali was also supporting the Civil Rights Movement helping the efforts from many others to end the racism and inequality that was happening to them daily Despite having these unfortunate events happen to him he pushed through and went on to resume his career and become one of the greatest boxers to step into the ring After his career Muhammad Ali became more involved with his community He began attending events that involved humanitarian work putting his name towards anything related to or promoting for peace and humanitarian aid Also on November 19 2005 the 60 million non profit Muhammad Ali center began operating in downtown Louisville He became a man of peace and was also more involved with his religion and focused on his personal life Muhammad Ali used his time wisely and in result lead a very successful life During the Civil Rights Movement he proved many people wrong by showing that Africans and people of color could be just as successful as the white community 

To go above and beyond in addition of holding his boxing career intact Ali had also held strong onto his religious beliefs while contributing to the Civil Rights Movement Proving himself as a true American by being able to pursue his dreams and be himself And although he lived in country that was full of conflict at the time he still showed his love that he has for his country throughout his career and life The Ali Center explains all of this and more about Muhammad Ali and his life How he lived in a rough society at the time but didn t let it stop him from pursuing his dreams I too also see Ali s life as a great example to let nothing interfere with you and the goals you set to accomplish Also because of his shared story and what he s done to help provide for him as well as his community Ali has done much more than win the battle for equality among all people of the American society but help those for the future Thanks to his efforts I can walk in the same building with others of different race I am now open to many more options that can help me be successful in the future Not just me but anyone else who wants to become successful in the future Muhammad Ali s actions helped shape the future of sports and America s society having an impact on future lives including mine

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