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Hitler's Rise to Power In Spring 1889 a boy was born and he would change the world forever Adolf Hitler had a rough childhood with a disappointed father He fought for the Bavarian army in World War I being shot twice shelled and gassed When he awoke the war was lost and he was filled with anger He used this anger to overthrow the Weimar Republic but failed resulting in arrest Hitler survived one war just to start another Born as Adolf Hitler in a small village in Braunau Austria to Alois and Klara Hitler he aspired to be an artist but his father disapproved At the age of 65 Alois died and a 13 year old boy cried at his father death After his father s death he went back to school failing at math and science but he passed his exam and partied with his classmates until he woke the next morning swearing never to drink again He couldn t bring himself to take his final exam and at the age of 16 quit school never to return From then on he was self taught interpreting the books he read on his own Four years later on December 21st his mother quietly died and was buried along with her husband and son Adolf s younger brother who died of measles at age of six With all of his family gone he went back to Vienna He carried the anger of his childhood into his adult life After moving to Germany to avoid arrest for draft evasion Hitler joined the Bavarian army and found a new home fighting for Germany By all accounts Hitler was an unusual and disobedient soldier but was eager for battle He continuously volunteered for dangerous missions even after countless escapes from death 

During these missions he took a shell fragment to the leg that wounded him When he awoke in a German hospital Hitler was disgusted by the anti war sentiment among German civilians He blamed the jews for it and asked to be reassigned to the front to escape As the war turned against the Germans and morale was low along the front Hitler became depressed and was prone to violent outbreaks of rage and would shout about Germany s silent enemy the jews In October of 1918 Hitler was temporarily blinded by British mustard gas and sent home On November 10 he found news that the Kaiser had fallen and the war was lost He describes his feelings in Mein Kampf I knew all was lost In these nights hatred grew in me hatred for those responsible for this deed He blamed the politicians in Germany primarily the jews In 1919 Hitler was assigned to investigate the German Workers Party He attended a meeting at a Munich beer hall and a man at the meeting talked about the German state of Bavaria seceding from Germany to form a new South German nation with Austria This angered Hitler and after berating the man the leader of the party gave Hitler a pamphlet with similar political views to his Later on Hitler found a postcard in the mail saying he was accepted as a member He was unimpressed by the current status of the party but saw what potential it had He thought it over and finally decided to join the German Workers Party Hitler changed the name to National Socialist German Workers Party otherwise known as the Nazi party He was also the leader of propaganda and by 1920 they had 3 000 members In 1921 Hitler was named leader of the party People slowly began looking towards him for his forceful nature 

The German people were broken after World War I and needed direction Hitler traveled to Berlin to speak to the rest of Germany and while he was away his own party led a revolt against him considering him to be dictatorial He resigned but the Nazis party felt the absence of Hitler so he took the opportunity to regain control on the condition that he had dictatorial powers He then marched the Nazis into a Munich beer hall with intent to start a revolution General Ludendorff suggested they walk into the middle of the Munich capital because no one would dare fire on him due to his World War I fame The plot was found out then Ludendorff and Hitler were charged with treason Because of his popularity Ludendorff was acquitted of all charges while Hitler was sentenced to five years Hitler only ended up serving eight months of his five year sentence It was in jail he wrote his autobiography Mein Kampf Hitler served in World War I to start World War II He was a cruel evil man who led a nation at its worst times He had a terrible childhood which fueled his service in World War I allowing him to survive He was talked out of suicide twice only to die by own hand later Sources The History Place The Rise of Adolf Hitler The History Place 11 July 1996 United States Holocaust Museum Hitler Comes to Power United States Holocaust Memorial Museum United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Winstricht Robert Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise 19 Feb 1998 Dickinson Ralph Adolf Hitler s World War I Service Adolf Hitler s World War 1 Service Timeline Http Www HolocaustResearchProject org 2007 Berel Wein and Takov Astor The Coming of Hitler Jewish History 2014

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