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The tragedy Oedipus the King written by Sophocles Review

In addition Oedipus becomes arrogant cursing and accusing the citizens of Delphi who are under his control Instead of thinking about the potential misfortune that could possibly befall him Oedipus acts out of arrogance accusing the people of the current plague that is being experienced This theme is imparted by the play Oedipus suffering is so deep and heartbreaking as it not only affects his life but his family and the people around him Soon it is revealed that the literary device irony is present in the play Oedipus s parents gave him to a shepherd so that they would be able to avoid the terrible fate according to which the infant would later kill is father and marry his mother Oedipus unknowingly kills his father and marries his own mother It is ironic that the father is moving away from this terrible fate As a king Oedipus couldn t see his people s suffering so he was determined to find out and punish the sinner of the city Oedipus comes to know that he himself was the murderer of his own father Although he is ashamed and embarrassed of the truth he accepts the reality bravely He doesn t face his fate like a coward instead he encounters his fate like a hero He illustrates the true characteristics of a tragic hero He gouges his eyes out leaving him permanently blind witnesses the death of his mother and is forced to leave the city leaving behind his children and his seat as king His pride and positive image has been destroyed causing pity inflicted by the audience The lines The fruits of his rage seem contrary to justice as his father and mother end up dead and he is left blind having stabbed his eyes so that from both of them the blood ran down his face not drop by drop but all at once in a dark shadow of gore emphasizes how tragic this play is The suffering he has endured now makes him a wise man however those he have left behind are left suffering Moreover Oedipus actions lead to the fatal death of Jocasta The murder of Laius leads to the joining of Oedipus and Jocasta in marriage This event leads to the ultimate despair and end of Jocasta because when Jocasta discovers that the prophecy of the oracle who foretold that her son would be his father s murderer and marry his mother has been fulfilled she is so miserable that she proceeds to hang herself Oedipus behavior and violence leads to the suicide of his wife and mother These events contribute to the melancholy and unfortunate temper of the play as a whole Additionally his actions causes his daughter s fate to be miserable

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