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Locke affirms that in nature all men are created Equal

Locke affirms that in nature all men are created equal and that no man should be under the control of another As a result men have two natural rights to do whatsoever he thinks fit for the preservation of himself and others and to punish the crimes committed against that law These two natural rights provide men with a great amount of freedom However Locke also acknowledges that a society in which men can do whatever they want under the guise of equality is a very dangerous one Here a government becomes necessary to prevent anarchy and preserve individuals rights and property In exchange for protection from the government men give up their natural rights In return the government must not abuse its power 2 Montesquieu claims that if given power men are bound to abuse it and subsequently the rights of the people they hold power over To prevent this abuse of power he proposes a system of checks and balances in the government When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person there can be no liberty there is no liberty if the judiciary power be not separated from the legislative and the executive If the legislature is created enforced and judged by the same person that person can take away the liberties of the people at will 3 Voltaire begins his essay by discussing superstition 

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