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How is a criminals mind different from that of an average human being This is the question that persuaded me to embark my journey into forensic psychology Upon watching a variety of crime related documentaries such as confession tapes and read books such as the anatomy of motive in search of an answer and came to a realisation that there is in fact no one simple answer to my question My fascination with criminals coupled with my enthusiasm and my continued drive towards expanding my knowledge of psychology has led me to want to study Forensic Psychology Forensic psychology has improved tremendously over the years however even lie detectors cannot identify false confessions Astonishingly more than 1 out of 4 people are wrongfully convicted but later exonerated DNA evidence made a false confession or incriminating statement One famous example of false confession is the central park five where five men were coerced and intimidated by the police into admitting to the rape and murder of a woman named 

Trisha Meili Although their statements did not match the any physical evidence they were still found guilty and by the time they found the real convict Matias Reyes the central park five had already served their sentences and were forced to register as sex offender s after their release Dr Saul Kassin was the first person who had looked into the complexity of false confessions He had identified and categorised three reasons as to why people confess to crimes they did not commit The categories are voluntary coerced compliant and coerced involuntary The alarming entity about false confessions is that majority of these confessions are due to the irresponsibility of the police who use investigations techniques such as telling the suspects that the evidence is against them so that they start believing that they committed the crime Researching about this degree brought to my attention that as a Forensic psychologist not only would I be engaging with criminals and the general public but also conduct applied research which I have learned a lot about through A level Psychology My main ambition is to explore the extent to which criminal behaviour is inherited or learnt and so I decided to base my extended project qualification on this area In my EPQ I talk about the biological psychological environmental and interactionist aspects of how the journey of a criminal begins especially for male criminals 

The primary focus on this project is on males this may seem androcentric but my reason for this is that statistics in USA show that as of February 2017 93 3 percent of federal inmates were men according to the federal bureaus of prisons Statistics like these raise many questions such as are men more prone to criminal urges due to evolution or if difference in hormonal levels between men and women is linked to criminal behavior During my travels to Srilanka I volunteered with the local charity to help provide hygiene and basic necessities for the underprivileged I have acquired valuable skills from working at a central dispensing unit in a pharmaceutical warehouse for Day Lewis pharmacy Due to the dedication and commitment I showed during my work experience I was offered a job which helped me integrate more with the pharmacy and helped me understand what an important part pharmacy plays in the field of medicine During the course of this job I gained many interchangeable skills such as being able to communicate with the members of my team and take turns in leading them which helped me improve my leadership problem solving and decision making skills

Not only will these skills be relevant to me throughout my course but will also aid me through my university journey as well as my future career Moreover I have also mentored younger pupils during my time at Virgo Fidelis Sixth Form I took a non judgmental approach towards the individual and utilised a systematic approach to help the individuals to attain their optimum goal In the end a robust relationship was established between the both of us Apart from my enthusiasm towards academia I am avid about many other things like animal welfare I had written an essay and made a power point presentation about my vehement opposition towards animal testing I also had work experience from a pet grooming Centre I have achieved distinction in level 5 Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam I am a fluent speaker in Tamil Having an internal locus of control in this world is important as we cannot get far in life by blaming our success and failure on external factors such as luck or fate And thus I hope that my outlook in life reflects my dedication towards forensic psychology thereby granting me an opportunity to study at your institution to take my interest further and broaden my knowledge

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