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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY How Social Media impacts our lives everyday I am going to write about the impact that social media has on our lives Social Media has grown at a very fast pace With 90 of young adults using social media the rise in the use of those 65 and older are not far behind According to the estimates the number of worldwide social media users reached 1 96 billion and is expected to grow to 2 5 billion by 2018 https www statista com In my bibliography I have listed three sources that explain how social media impacts our lives Some of those impacts being positive and some being negative I believe that these resources are reliable and present a good balance of pros and cons Social Media has helped many stay in contact with family and friends helped with employment or just been a convenience to our everyday life but there are other positive and negative impacts that we may not think about The sources I have chosen will explain on these impacts I am doing more research about these impacts and will be reflecting on both sides All of my sources have different opinions on Social Media and the way that it impacts our lives After reading and evaluating my resources I can say at least 2 out of the 3 will be very useful in my future writing 

They have helped me to have a better understanding of the impacts both positive and negative Marche Stephen The Epidemic of Facelessness The New York Times The New York Times 14 Feb 2015 Web 27 Mar 2015 http www nytimes com 2015 02 15 opinion sunday the epidemic of facelessness html The writer of this article argues that the more time we spend on different social media websites the more we become physically separated from the rest of our society This article s main stories are based on the fact that our world is having less face to face interactions everyday which leads Stephen Marche the author of this article to believe that the world without faces is coming to dominate Face to Face interactions was the most widely form of communication but that has been replaced with social media The writer is referring to humans hiding With hiding behind a screen we do not react to situations correctly we can not determine the correct emotion of another or handle a problem the way it probably should be Another point the author suggests is that we tend to go over with the comments we post We believe there may be no repercussions for our actions because we are behind a screen 

That is not the case we don t know how the other person reacts I found this to be a very useful source because it very realistic and very educational as well as persuasive The evidence is supported and valid I believe the author wants us to spend less time using social media and more time interacting face to face with people and also to be careful what we post online I will be using this source as it will help in my side of the argument in my future writing Mary Beth Oliver and Arthur A Raney eds Media and Social Life European Journal of Communication 29 5 2014 642 Print This book focuses on how Social Media impacts the everyday lives of human beings In this specific chapter which is chapter 13 the authors cite the work of Kelly Quinn and Zizi Papacharissi The chapter presents readers with three big concerns which specifically are designed to show the impact of social media on our society The first and most important concern revolves around the fact whether media makes people more or less social The second concern is based on whether the so called social media connects us online by further separating us offline and the third concern asks us as the readers how social the spaces rendered by social media are 189 These three questions summarize the chapter and show the readers that the book is all about the concern for human lives 

The editors back up the answers to their question with scientific research They both appear to be biased and do a good job at validating points The goal of this source is to show how social media can change our everyday lives with our employment families and everyday life This source will also be useful to my future writing although it focuses of just the negative impacts it is backed up with solid evidence Scott Jay Social Media Makes an Impact on Society The Huffington Post TheHuffingtonPost com 30 May 2014 Web 25 Mar 2015 Bringing in the positive impacts social media has on our everyday lives and our society this article is the perfect example for that Jay Scott talks about how social media has the ability to create positive outcomes including changing lives contributing to causes and hopefully even helping to find cures for all kids with cancer kids that have gone through fights with deadly diseases such as cancer and leukemia His argument is that if not for social media campaigns these kids wouldn't have made it This source will be useful when it comes to arguing the positive impact of social media on our everyday lives The information provided in the article is not reliable because there is no sources cited for the articles the author just gives direction and information about certain scenarios I don t believe this article will be very useful to my research however I may use and cite the article if I am unable to find any other reliable sauces and the positive impacts to argue the other side

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