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Design and Financial Analysis of Grid Tied PV System

Design and Financial Analysis of Grid Tied PV System for a Small Area Premise Using PVsyst Software Department of Electronics Communication Engineering Science Technology University Dinajpur Bangladesh Abstract To reduce pressure of the buring fussial fuel to generate electricity solar energy is best alternating source to produce electricity Solar energy is alo safe for environment The main aim of this paper is to design financial analyses of a grid connected system and to reduce CO2 emission We analyzed different parameters of a solar system and proposed an 80 KW rooftop solar plant which satisfy our need demand of electricity for an administrative building of HSTU The proposed plant produced annual 148 5 MW electricity and annual reduction of 1819 170 tons of carbon footprint The performance of the plant is measured by PVsyst software From PVsyst software simulation we found that the system not only satisfy our annual need demand of 68 8 MW but also we will be sold annual 79 7 MW electricity to the grid Keyword PVsyst simulation PV system HSTU CO2 emission

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