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The most important role of a teacher is to guide Students

The most important role of a teacher is to guide students to academic success For any teacher to succeed is depended upon his or her knowledge and skills The part of every teacher’s knowledge and skills is dependent upon his or her training It is the responsibility of every school district administration and instructional staff to sustain and continue professional growth towards effective instruction Teachers today need professional development PD to be effective in their profession Today s PD is about differentiated instruction Differentiated instruction is basically about meeting the different learning needs of students today School leaders are aware that not all students learn the same way They need to guide and provide teachers with different strategies to help students reach academic success Through differentiated instruction teachers can provide a delicate balance that stimulates and engages all students of intellectual levels A curriculum must be designed using a variety of grouping strategies tiered projects and modifying outcomes and product expectations I want to remind each of you our school's mission and vision Mission ABC School is committed to provide a safe and healthy learning environment that establishes a challenging and rigorous instruction for student to master the standards and prepare them for the complexities of the 21st century Vision ABC School will provide a supportive learning environment in collaboration with parents students and the community that encourages and expects academic success personal growth and responsible and contributing citizens of our changing and global society 

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