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Presumed misconception about diabetes

Presumed misconception about diabetes Word count 154 Many presumed facts are thrown in the paper press magazines and on the internet regarding diabetes here comes an eye opener People with diabetes should not exercise Exercise helps manage body weight improves cardiovascular health improves mood helps blood sugar control and relieve stress Diabetes diets are different from other people The diet doctors and specialized nutritionists recommend for diabetes patients are healthy one healthy for everybody including people without the disease High blood sugar levels are fine for some while for others they are a sign of diabetes Some illnesses mental stress and steroids can cause temporary hikes in blood sugar levels in people without diabetes Diabetes cannot eat bread potatoes or pasta people with diabetes can eat starch foods One person can transmit diabetes to another person A parent may pass on through their genes to their offspring a higher susceptibility to developing the disease Mediterranean Diet and Insulin levels Word count 135 A recent health study from Harvard suggested that women who closely followed the Mediterranean diet comprises of whole grains nuts fish Olive oil and moderate amounts of alcohol averaged 23 percent higher blood levels of a hormone called adiponectin than women who did not follow the diet closely Adiponectin works as an insulin sensitizer and can be found in Mediterranean style foods such as olive oil Action item 

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