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Building Good Brand Image

We find that 56.1 respondents are thinking that quality help in building good brand image Quality is the main reasons that help in building good brand image Communication strategy competitive pricing good value-added services also important but mostly consumers are thinking in today's scenario that quality help in building good brand image We find that 51 respondents are attracted to purchase the branded products because of the attribute of brand name Brand name is the main reason in today's scenario to attract the consumers Mostly customers are affected because of attribute brand name We find that 43 9 respondents are agreeing that brand name influence on the purchasing decision 33 7 are strongly agreed and 18 4 are disagreeing but mostly consumers are agreeing that brand name influencing their purchasing decision And brand name at the time of purchase influences their purchasing decision We find that 46 9 respondents are disagreeing that branded products are better than unbranded products They show their negative attitude towards branded products and with that their buying behavior is also negatively affected And these consumers are thinking that branded products not always better Majority of disagreeing are more

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