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The Cecil Hotel continues to gain popularity

After decades of incidents including murders and suicides the Cecil Hotel continues to gain popularity to this day Ever since the State of California turned the Cecil into a homeless shelter The hotel had many changes which later affected how it earned its reputation Skid Row was a major influence that involved drugs and gangs The Cecil hotel had been in the wrong place at the wrong time as it went through the years The Cecil has loomed over the drifters drug addicts down and out on Skid Row Molly 90 Most involving drugs and prostitution Bloomekatz 1 This was affecting the hotel as Skid Row is a dumping ground for the state of California the prison system the mental health system Holland AA 1 Its was providing care for chronically homeless and mentally ill people Holland AA 1 There were many things happening in Skid Row as it was a hive of substance abusers and drug dealers Holland AA 1 As in the early forties the Cecil was one of the first public meeting places for Alcoholics Anonymous Bloomekatz 1 As the days at the Cecil went on Capt Jodi Wakefield of the LAPD s Central Division remembers that when she began her job three years ago there were frequent calls to the Cecil Bloomekatz 1 

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