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Hyderabad The City of Nizams is internationally famed for its biryani which is found everywhere from roadside dhabas to luxury restaurants. This quintessential dish shows the strong influence of the Mughlai Andhra and Turkish cuisine. For relishing the best biryani be sure to stop by the Bawarchi for mutton biryani Hotel Shadab for chicken and mutton biryani Cafe Bahar for biryani and haleem and Sarvi for chicken drum biryani. Among other local delicacies to try include Keema Samosa minced meat dish. Paaya stew made of trotters or beef Lukhmi mutton minced savory dish and Sheer Khurma Vermicelli pudding Goa. The gastronomic scene in Goa is just as much a way of life as its lively pub culture and beach parties. And what makes it food scene so special is the influences of different cultures that it came into contact with over the centuries and that's present in every dish.

The major influence, however, was from the Portuguese that lead to the introduction and innovation of new dishes such as pork vindaloo, pork feijodda and prawn balchao. Here you can try some freshest seafood-based dishes along with the very popular cashew-based drink. Goan Feni Also this smallest state of India has spread its wing to include a range of international cuisine from continental to European, Mexican, Italian, New American, Mediterranean, Israeli and Fusion cuisine. For a taste of authentic Goan cuisine head to Mum's Kitchen or Viva Panjim for European style fare no one does better than Lila Cafe or craving for wood-fired pizza head to Baba Au Rhum. For those hankering for some innovative fusion food make your way over to Sublime located on Morjim beach Jaipur. Jaipur otherwise known as the Pink City is famed for its historical palaces, vibrant marketplaces, colorful culture and of course the mouth-watering Rajasthani cuisine. In fact, it's a city that is steeped in food culture which makes it one of the most highly regarded food places in India. While it's vegetarian food options are renowned world over like the classic Dal Bati Churma Gatte ki Sabzi and Kachori the meat-eaters won't be disappointed either in this royal city. However an absolute must-try is its classic dessert Ghevar a disc shaped sweet cake. From fine dining restaurants located in royal palaces bustling bazaars and on rooftops to street vendors. Jaipur has it all Amritsar.

While Amritsar is world-famous for its Golden Temple Wagah Border and Jallianwala Bagh one more thing that puts it on the traveler's list is its lip-smacking food. This humble and beautiful Golden City has some of the best cuisine Amritsari Kulcha, Amritsari Chicken, Amritsari fish and Paneer Bhurji. However, an honorary mention goes to the Langar at the Golden temple. It is a vegetarian meal with bread roti lentils daal rice a dessert and a vegetable dish. Also, a trip to the Golden City is incomplete without trying the Lassi sweet buttermilk which is perhaps the city's most emblematic. For first-timers head to Temptation Restaurant an iconic spot that serves everything from local Punjabi dishes to Mexican, Continental, French, Chinese, Italian and Kashmiri or opt for Grand Trunk that is famed for its traditional Amritsari fare and international classics or Kesar Da Dhaba that specializes in traditional Punjabi flavors. Gangtok Sikkim is another must-visit place for food lovers due to its rich and vibrant food which is an amalgam of native Sikkimese Tibetan and Nepali fare. The most favorite dish of Sikkim is Momos steamed dumplings with fillings of vegetables or meat which is a little more available in a few states across India. However, there are two dishes that you can't get as delicious anywhere else is the Thukpa noodle soup with vegetables meat or egg and Phagshapa pork fat stewed with vegetables. Some of them go-to spots to relish the local delicacies include the Golden Dragon Hotel the Taste of Tibet and the Roll House to name a few. You can even head to the quaint little cafes scattered in the region for some good local eats Ahmedabad.

Though the historic city of Ahmedabad's claim to fame is its especially mouth-watering Gujarati snacks such as khaman dhokla, Khakhra Khandvi, Farsan Ganthiya, Dalvada Undhiyu, Thepla, and the list goes on the city also plays host to a number of fine dining establishments, cafes and street vendors that cater to a range of different palates. From north and south Indian cuisines to regional and international cuisine you'll find it all. For an authentic Ahemdabadi experience head to Riddhi Siddhi, Ambika Daalwada or Rajwadu for a taste of international cuisine head to La Feasta or 650 the Global Kitchen Udupi. If you want to sample all the South Indian dishes in one place Udupi is your destination. In fact, the ubiquitous dosa a pancake from rice flour and ground pulses were originated in this Konkani town and just this specialty makes it an unmissable place for food lovers. For an authentic South Indian experience head to Woodlands or Konark Vegetarian Restaurant.

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