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I am applying for Masters in Business Administration autumn 2018 session at Linkoping University I wish to do my masters in Strategy and Management in International Organizations for autumn 2018 session In this letter of intent I am going to concentrate mostly on the factors that influenced me to pursue a master's degree and state my future career objectives as well as they reflect the motive for my choice of Linkoping University I have chosen to study Strategy and Management in International Organizations as it demands for new ideas and analytical skills My academic background suits this field very well I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with major in Finance from United International University of Bangladesh We live in the era of technology where everything is transparent and competitive too To survive in a competitive world as a renown entity we need lots of things which can make us distinctive than others Most of the success of an organization depends on its administration and strategies and these key elements can lead an organization to the peak of its success through their long run visionary aptitude and realistic practical strategies

Now if we look at major international organization like Microsoft Apple Ericsson H M IKEA Skype Nike Adidas what can we see Do they have their leverage and acceptance in the world wide market or among the users only because of their products I don t think so Good administrative and strategies mixture is the main key of their success and it is inevitable to deny By observing these types of factors from of real world I found myself very much interested and influenced to choose Strategy and Management in International Organizations as a masters degree for my next educational qualification I believe that this course can help me to enrich knowledge and understanding about international organizations There are immense opportunities to offer something for the prospect of that course I think that course will lead me a step further towards my dream For that I am ready to dedicate myself as a hardworking and self motivated apprentice I will make this course more realistic by my experience gained particularly in my internship as well as during my university life Because I was engaged with several clubs during my study life where I have developed various skills which I may take as an advantage in adding some value to this course can give me some advantages to offer something to this course Opportunity creation will be my prime concern while studying this course Because every year thousands of students are coming abroad for their education If I can create opportunity then more students will be curious about this course

Besides I will try to relate my learning in my practical work life So that I can explore something new by implementing my knowledge in a sophisticated situation Furthermore if I get the opportunity in future to do research I will devote myself to create some theories or develop some theories so that the content of that course gets more eminent and future become more easy for the prospective students From this programme I want to learn some things that will give me competitive edges as well as keep me ahead of others in the job market and future I also hope this programme will help me to build sustainable career and gives me diversified career opportunity By matching this course it will be easy for me to get my entrance in renowned multinational company In addition to this it will help me to take decisions in critical situations Moreover hope that teaching method would be effective for me I am expecting that this course has lots of case study practice presentation and group works I was not a type of person who starts his days by following a particular daily routine or lifestyle

Usually I put all the plans in my mind and I found that is easier for me to deal with a common day But what I failed to become conscious that how distracted and off tangent I could go without organizing my day with lists I felt that I needed to make a gigantic stroke strategy and should be engaged in some daily goal setting I don t go overboard with my lists I just detail out the things I need to do in the day First I read my long term goals Then I ask myself the following questions What did I achieve today I reflect on that question as if it were the end of the day Then at the actual end of the day I compare the results Did I achieve my goals for the day Am I sticking to my massive action plan So I learned to get organized in more ways than one And I learned to plan out my day in order to stay on track with what I wanted to achieve It's the small things that count which you do on a daily basis that lead to eventual success Finally I am a hardworking and determined student I will work hard in the hope of acquiring high quality knowledge Superior quality education requires best possible supervisors and a highly competitive atmosphere which are present in this institution I believe that Masters in Strategy and Management in International Organizations from Linkoping University will provide me with the knowledge needed for applying economic techniques with sophistication Therefore I am applying to this university with the hope of learning from the scholarly teachers and competing against the best students in the world I sincerely hope that the admission committee will find my profile suitable for the program and will give me the chance to become a part of the renowned university I thank you for considering my application to your very constructive and innovative programme

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