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In this assignment I am going to discuss about the only healthy diet is one that include all food groups The food groups include vegetables fruit milk fish and meat These foods are very good for an individual because it helps to maintain a healthy diet which provides different nutrients to our body These nutrients are water fats vitamins minerals and carbohydrates It is important for an individual to consume these nutrients on a daily to build and maintain healthy bodily function poor health can be caused by an imbalance of nutrients either an excess or deficiency BBC news 2014 Eating breakfast is part of a healthy lifestyle that includes making wise food choices and balancing calories with exercise Therefore when individuals are taking breakfast every morning is very crucial An individual's need to make sure that they breakfast includes cereals Cereals are enriched with niacin iron riboflavin and thiamine and most cereals have abundant fibre contents fibre would help individual with faster metabolism as this will allow the individual to go to the bathroom As well as that cereals also have a soluble brain that acids in lowering blood cholesterol levels and it helps keep heart disease at bay Eating a healthy food can also help an individual to control they blood pressure temperature

Proteins is part of the foods groups proteins are structure blocks of muscles bones and blood these are important to every part of our body Proteins also provides vitamin B iron zinc and magnesium However they are all important component of healthy diet numerous protein food can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol Furthermore I disagreed with the title because an individual does not need all the nutrients to be 100 healthy As an individual we need some of the basic nutrients such as calcium proteins and many more but not all Also high in protein are dairy products and they are also great providers of calcium The greatest common mineral in the body we all need calcium for functions helping blood to clot and to build our bones and teeth However fluids are energetic to help our bodies to perform their functions successfully and the best fluid of all is water a human body is made up of water It is compulsory to help our blood carry nutrients and waste around the body and to help the organic reactions that occur in our cells Our bodies use water in all it is cells organs and tissues The main reasons are to help regulate the temperatures and maintain other bodily functions Most of the time an individual body loses water through sweating a lot breathing or digestion so it is very important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating lots of food that contain water to be healthier A Healthier Michigan 28 April 2015 Milk is also a rich source of calcium and this become vital for a healthy bone and teeth As well as source protein if one has that within their system alongside other vitamin and mineral intakes it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease Calcium in the milk helps to build healthy bones and teeth and this maintain the bone mass Also protein serves as a source of energy and this builds repair muscle tissue

And the potassium helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure Also the individual consumed scrambled eggs in the morning for breakfast this offers protein as well as vitamins and minerals that makes them a healthy addition in a person's diet The choline in scrambled eggs helps maintain nerve function makes up a component of cell membranes and helps the body from chemicals needed for cellular communication As an individual we need to eat three time a day or even more if possible This time include breakfast as I spoke about earlier lunch time and dinner time For example at lunch time I give food to my aunt child which is fish chicken and fries In the sources of fish that is provided for lunch they are also high in omega 3 this helps baby development docosahexaenoic acid appears to be important for visual and neurological development in infants As well as asthma diet that is high in omega 3s lowers inflammation a key component in asthma But more studies are needed to show if fish oil supplements improve lung function or cut the amount of medication a person needs to control the condition ADHD is also another factor in which omega 3 can help in some studies show that fish oil can reduce the symptoms of ADHD in some children and improve their mental skills like thinking remembering and learning Also during lunch I have made sure that the individual has chicken peas This has a great source of plant based protein and fibre iron zinc phosphorus B vitamin

Chickpeas nutrition includes starch which is a slow burning carbohydrate that the body does not react to by suddenly spiking glucose in the blood Beans help to keep the arteries clear from plaque build up maintain healthy blood pressure levels and decrease the chances of cardiac arrest and stroke Harvard blog 2015 Furthermore Chickpeas nutrition also includes zinc Zinc is an essential trace mineral that plays a role in over 100 important enzymatic reactions in the body Zinc facilitates in bodily functions including protecting against free radical damage helps speed up wound healing plays a part in the copying of DNA and helps with the formation of haemoglobin within the blood Additionally chickpeas are a good source of 3 nutrients that help to reduce common symptoms associated with PMS magnesium manganese and vitamin B6 In conclusion many foods do not fit into the five group because they are not compulsory for a healthy diet These foods groups are called Optional choices and they should be only eaten occasionally Finally an individual should know that we do not requires all the food group to be healthy but the basic one

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