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I don't really know what three of my greatest strengths are I guess when I think of myself and maybe how others look at me I'm sometimes with the quality of humor caring and Independent I think Humor plays a big role in my life my parents are funny people my siblings minus one are some of the funniest people I have ever met So I think I kind of tie into that also maybe I should ask my friends one day I think caring is another word like I am always the person my friends come to in situations and I like to think I have a kind heart maybe a little to sensitive at times Yet the last thing is independent saying this I have always counted myself as one of those people who doesn't really need anyone else sure it would be nice but My mom kind of always taught me to rely on myself for everything cause in her own words people are snakes Which I get and totally agree so I think these are the best way to describe myself overall Thinking about a time I failed or made a mistake I can think of many but one that is related to school always comes to my mind We do the annual i step testing well my sophomore year I was ready had a good and positive mind about it 

When I then came to the part of my writing I figured I m good at writing at least I think I am and I always have enough time no big deal I have nothing to be worried about I read the details and instructions on to what I am writing about and how long and so on I had done this thousands of times before I start writing and let me just say it was a good story I did all the little things LIke statement sentence body conclusion A good length in words I start reading it after I had finished and I got the question wrong The question was something like Why was the grass green Just as an example Then said to give an example show evidence and so on I did none of the I went on and on about different things involving the question leading up to something else not even mentioning the real answer more than two times I ended up having the re write the writing with very short amount of time left that I then go it done but was the most stress thing I may had to deal with at the time Where do I see myself in ten years That's an interesting question where I see myself I should be done with college although I plan on attending a 2 year school Both of the professions I am interested in only call for 2 years I have yet to choose between Culinary school or photography as a profession I then see myself developing some type of my own business based on what I went to college for

Also getting to start my own own business has always been kind of one of my bucket list goals and I hope to do that early on As for that I also see lots of traveling the world and trying new things for the start of my adult life I love traveling now and I see so many opportunities now that I can t wait once I am my own person to experience In ten years I will only be 27 which seems very odd I see myself with my own space I think being a homeowner but maybe not you never know And maybe not even in Indiana I know we all say we are leaving Plymouth but part of me would like to stay and have a family yet part of me doesn t I see myself out of my parents house just to make that clear I hope to be married but if not oh well It all works out in the wash I don't really wanna think about children now but I think by 27 maybe

I could have one no more at that age or be planning to have one in the future I hope all of these things make a way into my life even if they don’t all happen this way or by the time this ten year mark comes around i'll still be grateful If I am talking on a very serious level I think that one thing is the future Not to get extremely personal but all of my family has been those people getting by life and not always try one hundred percent My parents work hard everyday by older brother and sister didn't take their education to the highest level they could have I look to the future to motivate me because I see promise in it I want to be different and show away for my younger sister and cousins and even my children later in life I think that's how I get motivated in school personal life and more What are some good qualities in a leader I think that someone should have The trait of trustworthiness Everyone needs to trust someone and I think that if your leading as a leader you should be that person for people One other thing I need a person needs for being a good leader is the act of responsibility A responsible able person acts as if they have it all together most of the time They can handle things on a personal and non personal level and can take the blow if then need to Being a leader is a hard job I can imagine I don t think I could be up to it for myself

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