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I Side With Reflection University of Nebraska Omaha Contents Introduction 3 Agreement with Results 3 Issues Learned More About 3 Comparing and Contrasting Issues 4 Conclusion 5 Introduction This paper looks at my results from the I Side With extended quiz and how those results compare to the 2016 presidential candidates Also included in this paper are some of the issues that I learned more about from taking the quiz as well as how the presidential candidates viewed the certain topics This paper analyzes the presidential candidates similarities and differences between the way they sided and covers the predictions of their ideologies based off their stances Agreement with Results To start off with for the most part I agree with the results from my quiz The quiz says that I would side with Donald Trump at 56 regarding the various Presidential Election issues The main reason why I would agree with these results is because I am a registered Republican and usually tend to lean that way on most issues However I do side 47 with Hillary Clinton which would make sense because regarding topics such as social issues I tend to lean more democratic

I consider myself more of a moderate leaning to the right of the political spectrum Issues Learned More About On to the issues I learned more about one of the biggest ones was the protests in Iran I was unaware that there were protests going on in Iran and as a result I did not know what had caused them While taking the quiz I had to open the tab which told me more about the question and learned that it was thought to be caused by a high unemployment rate as well as frustration towards the Iranian government for various budget cuts and the way they spent on foreign policy Something else that surprised me was the upgrade of Air Force One I did not know how old the planes were and did not think that the parts for them were increasing in scarcity After looking into it I found out that it would cost around 4 billion dollars to American taxpayers and that it currently costs around 200 000 an hour to operate Air Force One Another topic I learned about was that marital rape was not criminalized by a lot of countries until the mid 1800s I was also shocked that marital rape is not a criminal offense in China or India especially sense the UN classified it as a human rights violation Comparing and Contrasting Issues Continuing the topic of various issues the four different candidates that I sided with the most were

Donald Trump who ran under the Republican Party Hillary Clinton under the Democrats Gary Johnson as a Libertarian and Jill Stein of the Green Party Regarding the issue of same sex marriage Donald Trump Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein supported it and Gary Johnson somewhat supported it except for allowing churches the right to refuse same sex ceremonies I think that for the most part they would all have a liberal ideology with Johnson maybe leaning a bit Conservative with the exception On the issue of increasing taxes for the rich to reduce the interest rates for student loans Trump and Johnson did not want a tax increase whereas Clinton and Stein supported it As a result I think Clinton and Stein s ideologies are more liberal compared to the others conservative ideology Another issue is whether the electoral college should be abolished On this topic Clinton Johnson and Stein supported it and more specifically Johnson and Stein supported the switch to a ranked voting system and Donald Trump did not agree I believe that the candidates besides Trump would have more of a liberal or libertarian ideology because if they abolish the electoral college it would be more up to the people to decide whereas Trump would be more towards a conservative ideology On the issue of whether illegal immigrants should have temporary amnesty all but Trump said they should be granted it and a path for citizenship for immigrants without a criminal record should be created As a result of this stance I d say that they would have more of a liberal ideology especially because of the path for citizenship topic Donald Trump would probably have more of a conservative ideology towards this issue Concerning the topic of whether police officers should be required to wear body cameras Clinton Johnson and Stein were in support of requiring officers to wear them where Trump thought it should be left to the police department s or officer s choice The former candidates would have more of a liberal ideology where the latter would have more of a conservative ideology Conclusion In conclusion the results of my extended quiz suggest that I am a part of the Republican Party and my ideology is Centrist regarding an ideological scale While I was placed Centrist I was leaning a bit more towards the right of the political spectrum and slightly down towards an authoritarian ideology As stated previously above I think that these results are accurate with respect to my personal opinion of where I stand on most political issues

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