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I visited the Martin Luther King Jr National Park and The King Center for my site visit The Martin Luther King Jr National Park is a small section of Atlanta that has been preserved from the 1920s to 1930s It shows the house MLK grew up in some low income housing some houses across the street and a church down the street There was also a bus like the one Rosa Parks refused to get off of in the street in front of the houses across the street The King Center had a rooms full of displays that had videos playing that went over the bits of information they had on the walls Martin Luther King Jr was born in Atlanta Georgia He lived with his mom dad brother and sister His dad and his grandpa were pastors at the church down the street So as a kid he was surrounded by his faith and by great speakers MLK grew up in the black community in Atlanta Here black people who had more a little more freedom to express themselves because they weren t allowed much room to do so in other places by white people As he grew up he was exposed more and more to the harsh realities of life When he was a kid he used to play with some of the white kids across the street

One day his friends told him they couldn't play with him anymore because he was black His mom told him that this was the way the world was Like it was something that wasn't going to change His dad told him that even though the world was like this it shouldn't be When MLK and his father went to a shoe store the manager told them to go into them to go into the back of the store while white customers were in the store His father who was rightfully outraged and they left the store MLK was a remarkable student and speaker Even at a young kid He was so academically intelligent he graduated at around 15 years of age MLK went to college in Boston where he met his future wife Coretta Scott In college he also discovered the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and how he lead a movement of nonviolence with the goal of independence from the british Now with his skills as a great speaker with a quality education and a purpose he started to make change When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery to a white passenger that's when the civil rights movement really got started Martin Luther King Jr soon became the face of the civil rights movement He was the perfect candidate because of his education and speaking abilities MLK announced that the Montgomery Bus Boycott would only end when black people allowed to sit wherever they wanted to on buses 

The Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted for a little over a year The government finally gave them the right to sit wherever they wanted Martin Luther King Jr for years was the face of the civil rights movement and even in death still is today The day before he was assassinated he gave his famous If I Had Sneezed speech MLK's speech was about when he got stabbed by a deranged woman who came to one of his events Doctors later told him that the knife was so close to a major artery that if he had sneezed he would have died While he was recovering he got a lot of letters from people around the country He even got a letter from the president and vice president of the united states MLK continued to tell the crowd that he got another letter that was even more important to him then those from the leaders of the country It was from a white highschool girl She wrote that she was very happy that he hadn't sneezed Lots of people think that this speech was prophetic because he talked about how even if he died the movement would go on and the next day he got shot The civil rights movement is still active today and continues to inspire people across the country to make change Martin Luther King Jr was a major part in that I would definitely recommend The Martin Luther King Jr National Park and The King Center to others If someone only had a short amount of time to spend at the site i would recommend them going to The King Center into the big room with the cylindrical displays that play While the Martin Luther King Jr National Park is a very cool place it doesn't give you as much raw information as the MLK Center does I would like to see the Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum in Atlanta because it covers all sorts of issues that all sorts of different people face here in america

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