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I want to participate in the Bridges Summer Program because the program provides me with an opportunity to begin my college level work and the opportunity to gain skills that will get me through my rigorous first year The program is intended to help me adapt to the college academic environment and it will help me prepare as I make the big transition from high school to college In addition it will help me obtain leadership skills through community service and extracurricular activities I will get settled at campus before the school year starts as well as possibly meet some of my new classmates I will also get a good feel for what actual college classes are like I feel your college would provide for me the comfort I need to find in myself within an educational community The goal of most colleges is to prepare you for the workplace and the real world A personal challenge or adversity I've experienced was when I first came to the United States and enrolled in the local middle school in the state of Florida for the 7th grade I did not know a single English word beside hello or bye I had to adjust to a whole new environment culturally educationally and geographically My parents had no experience yet living in a brand new environment and it took us about six months moving around state to state to finally settle down in the state of Florida they gave up everything to ensure that my sister and I received the best education even if it meant that our family had to live in a single small room for years School has changed my life and challenged me however everyone s had to overcome adversity in their life I was enrolled in the ESOL program at middle school in the state of Florida for 4 years I am very grateful to my English teacher who guided me and taught me the English language 

Through her help I became a productive person Before I knew much English people made fun of me for my accent or the way I spoke as I attempted to communicate with others Despite all these obstacles I was determined to do my best in school in order to help my parents in some small ways At a young age I learned to become independent Instead of just asking for help whenever I encountered any difficulties such as a homework problem I would try to find the answer myself through books and other resources Dealing with such problems at a young age I used it as a motivation when facing an obstacle We have all faced adversity it's what we do to overcome adversity that determines our success The only way to overcome adversity is by improving yourselves through education Some of these struggles might have changed who I am or how I later approached life Perhaps the person I am today is a compensation for who I was years ago That awkward twelve years old however is no more now I want to show the world what I can do I now love speaking to and interacting with people be it as a friend teacher I now have a passion for stimulating conversation and that enthusiasm manifests itself is important aspects of my life outside of the classroom The Bridges program will help me in achieving my educational and career goals 

The goals I hope to meet in the near future are to be able to pay for my college education by applying to Bridges to Success program and receiving financial aid Obtaining as much help as I can to pay for my education is crucial to me because I know that college is expensive My goal a year from now is to be in College for two years then transfer to the University to get the Bachelor degree and majoring in Information Technology After finishing school I plan to first work as an internship to gain more experiences in the work field then work my way up to a programmer or IT management and someday a professor Within the next 10 years I also plan to take time and travel to other countries that I have always wanted to visit London Paris and Spain In order for these dreams to become a reality it will take an immense amount of hard work and dedication The first step is to first complete my short term goals because those will be my key to getting into college I plan to do this by not procrastinating not giving up and not forgetting what my ultimate goal is because that is what is going to push me forward Most importantly I will only be able to succeed if I study and am eager to learn not just in high school but for college and even once I am out in the real world working

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