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Marketing Concept The key to achieving organizational goals consist in determining the needs and wants of target markets and delivering the desired satisfactions Example In the case study Britvic planned to produce a new product which called Tango Clear with no added sugar for older persons And also planned Tango clear cater to children and young teenager s taste Tango Clear had two flavor kiwi and lemon apple and watermelon Because of the new product with no sugar and other flavors the Britvic could learn what they want satisfy the need of the customers Social marketing Concept It's a marketing concept Society's well being Example In the case study Britvic pumps the money in the Wimbledon tennis championships and Britvic uses their extra income to do charity such as sponsorship of British pantomimes during Christmas 2009 Selling Concept It s a marketing concept promote sales aggressively and build profit through quick turnover Example In case study Britvic distribute their products to customers by providing a wide variety of products to across the country by include all supermarket local shop and etc 2 Explain Britvic's Micro and Macro Environment Micro environment A Micro environment relates to the internal environment of an organization In the aspects of the customers more customers would prefer to drink beverage without sugar 

From the case it will affect the production target because of this trend the company get target for people Britvic Tango Clear as sugar free products to meet the needs of older children and adolescents instead In the aspects of the competitors Britvic must pay attention because there are more and more companies produce similar products or provide the same kind of services It has a negative impact on the development of Britvic which is inevitable In the aspects of the employees because of the good reputation in the business more people choose to work in the Britvic In seven UK locations the Britvic has 2700 employees who work in those manufacturing plants Macro environment A Macro environment is based on the external factors of an organization that have a direct or indirect influence on its ability to produce promote and sell to customer In the aspects of the environment the temperature also is a key factor to relate with the sales Especially in the summer with high temperature the sales of the beverage must increase In the aspects of the economy the economic downturn in 2008 the soft drinks sales were decline It proves that the soft drinks had an impact to the economy In the aspects of the health more customers care about the health about the food and drinks They are more willing to buy healthy foods and beverages which will bring a great impact on the soft drinks market 3 Explain why market research and the information gathered are important to an organization like Britvic It can provide the information of the customers and to know what they need Example What kind of packing can make customers more convenient to carry 

How much drinks per bottle are enough to customers It helps to know the customers environment and the competitors to decide the market in the future Example Britvic can make marketing research to account the sales of drinks between themselves and competitors which can make a plan to beat their competitors in the market Its help Britvic to allocated resources into programs which are most needed It can provide some new product services Example These are new product Tango Clear with no added sugar and the kiwi and lemon and apple and watermelon flavors of Tango Clear that the Britvic produced and developed by doing research 4 Explain how Britvic might collect and use market research information Include one quantitative and one qualitative research technique in your response Qualitative research Qualitative research refers to the perspective of qualitative the object of study for scientific abstract and theoretical analysis conceptual understanding and not the object of study to determine the amount Britvic uses focus on to know the customers The questions in focus group discuss the customer s like the improvement the Britvic need to do what kind of package can make customers more convenient to carry etc Quantitative research Quantitative research is the systematic empirical investigation of observable phenomena via statistical mathematical or computational techniques Britvic could use questionnaire to collect information The questionnaire s question could be Is that the current beverage market fit your taste Britvic can get information s from these people that what the shortcoming of current beverage market Then Britvic could catch the opportunity to develop new drinks to preempt the untapped market 5 Explain the process of market segmentation and targeting and the benefits of segmentation and targeting to Britvic Define the range of the market Determine the variable of the segmentation Collect and analyze data Segment market Evaluate the segmental market Benefits o It's helpful to win the customer loyalty for Britvic o It's helps Company to play a competitive advantage o Its help to meet consumers and can help Britvic to facilitate the production of new products open new markets

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