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Imagine a day when your country is being taken over by another country and there is blood everywhere bombs being dropped and family being separated forever Well this horrible nightmare came true On the evening of June 25 1950 the President of the United States Harry Truman received a call that would change the course of history and millions of lives will be changed forever The American Secretary of State Dean Acheson called to inform the President that North Korean forces had begun a well organized and many pronged invasion of South Korea This attack which many people claim was coming due to the rumor that South Korea and the United States were working together to reunite the Korean peninsula under democratic rule But North Korea wanted This well planned attack lay the foundations of a war that spanned just over three years and left at least 2 5 million soldiers and civilians dead and millions living in poverty and starvation Based on Wikipedia s report on the Korean War a total of 36 nations were involved in the Korean War North Korea was assisted by ten nations regarding military medical and other support South Korea received military support from the United States United Kingdom Canada Australia as well as twelve other United Nation countries 

Another ten countries helped South Korea in terms of medical and other war related issues My grandfather who was a military officer for the South Korean army said that the Korean War was a horrific sight I will be emotionally scarred forever because of it Thus the Korean People s Army and the Soviet Army were not right to attack South Korea as it put millions of South Koreans in a miserable situation and if North Korea did take over South Korea the consequences would have been fatal had South Korea turned communist and although North Korea claims that the United States and South Korea were working together to take down the rogue nation it was North Korea who started the war Firstly the invasion of South Korea forced millions of South Koreans to flee their homes and run for their lives but if they were caught my grandfather said they usually had two choices One was to join North Korea and be spared If they said no they would be sent to a North Korean Gulag A Gulag stands for Glavnoye Upravleniye Lagerej which in English means Chief Administration of Corrective Labor Camps Based on The Aquariums of Pyongyang by Kang Chol Hwan who was a North Korean woman who lived in a North Korean Gulag for around ten years In her autobiography she talks about how hard the work is how she would survive on barely anything and how desperate people were If people get really desperate some bold prisoners attempted to steal some food from the small farm nearby but if they were caught by North Korean soldiers the whole concentration camp would watch them publicly executed 

My grandfather said that he was very thankful that he didn t have to live his life rotting in a prison cell If you weren t sent to a North Korean Gulag there are still many problems you d have to deal with for example food and shelter Most South Koreans weren t able to get any food as all the food supply were shut down to the general public and redirected to the South Korean and allying countries military personal A total of 50 000 to 90 000 soldiers died of starvation during the War That s military alone the military was being well fed what about the people that didn t have any food There must ve been hundreds of thousands that died of starvation during the Korean War But if you had food and where safe from the North You would need a place to stay or live The only problem was there was nothing only ruble Secondly a major reason why North Korea decided to take over the Korean Peninsula was that the Soviet Union had a significant influence over North Korea at that time North Korea and the Soviet Union said if they did take over South Korea they would turn South Korea into a communist state But government often question the benefits of a communist government as communism often turns into dictatorships and usually becomes corrupt Also Communist government there is only one religion which the government decided but if there is another religion that government would get rid of that religion immediately and forcefully send those believers into hard labor in concentration camps

This is a complete violation of Communist citizens Human Right Nowadays every citizen on this planet has the right to believe in whatever religion they decide on Finally while most North Koreans would say that they were acting in self defence when they invaded South Korea due to the reasons of US presence in the Korean Peninsula North Korea claim that the United States and South Korea were working together to take over the Korean Peninsula the United States claim that they were in South Korea to help rebuild fallen ally after World War Two and Japanese Occupation The reason why North Korea hates the United States is because of the unending rivalry of the United States and the Soviet Union As an ally of the Soviet Union North Korea have been brainwashed to view the United States as a threat to the North Korean regime Some North Korean anti American propaganda include hand drawn photos of North Korean citizens being tortured and or raped by American soldiers These types of photos manipulate the way North Koreans view the United States During a CNN report on North Korea kids in a North Korea kindergarten were told to draw a photo of anything they want Students drew photos of tanks and weapons This shows how much the North Korean government works to make sure all their citizens hate the United States

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