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Improving Emotional Intelligence through Goals Note Include any grant funding information and a complete correspondence address Having good emotional intelligence skills is the backbone of achieving our goals If we set goals but we have poor emotional intelligence such as low self esteem we aren't going to want to set goals or try to achieve them I have set goals over and over and I always fail at them I ve always wondered why I recently figured out the reason behind this was linked to poor emotional intelligence After taking a few classes I have learned a lot about emotional intelligence why it's important and how to control it I have 5 goals I want to achieve and believe these will help me be more emotionally intelligence The first goal would be to stay in school Staying in school is my primary goal to achieve this I can study hard Attend the live sessions and take notes I can reach out to my teacher or the student success center when I need extra help I want to stay on the honor list and the only way to do this is to get good grades Getting good grades mean to study hard and pay attention in class Don't goof off or let distractions get in my way Don't procrastinate and pay attention to deadlines 

The only person in charge of my future is me I want to stop letting obstacles stand in my way My second goal is to have hope in school that I will finish and finally graduate and not get discouraged when I don t get such a good grade I study hard and take notes and think I m going to do so good on an assignment but then my grade comes back and I immediately get discouraged and tell myself I am never going to graduate I tell myself over and over I'm a failure and that is hurting me and makes me not want to do my school work My third goal is to be more socially involved I don't have a social media and I don't have any friends I feel alone in this world and when things happen I feel like I m all alone I want to be more socially confident and not so shy when someone talks to me in public The way to be less shy is to put myself into situations where there are a lot of people so I can practice good communication with others The fourth goal is to figure out what I want to do with my life before I graduate I knew I always wanted to go to school and start my own business Figuring out what I want to do after I graduate has been the hardest goal I have I want to do more volunteer work and help people that aren't as fortunate as others 

When you have a purpose or goal that you re striving for your life will take on a new meaning that supports your mental well being If you re not sure what your purpose is explore your natural talents and interests to help find it and also consider your role in intimate relationships and ability to grow spiritually Mercola 2013 Helping people has always been a passion of mine I am unsure of how I can help people that aren't not already being done that I would do I want to visit people who are less fortunate and talk to them to see how I can help them My fifth goal is to exercise and stay in shape I always set a fitness goal for myself and fail miserably The reason behind me always failing at my fitness goal is poor self esteem I don't feel good about myself and just stop working out Then when I get a few extra pounds I had just shed off I get even more discouraged Staying positive and not caring about what people think is not a good way to go about life When you stop caring what people think about then I stop caring about how I feel about myself The best way to keep up my fitness goal is to eat right walk daily and drink plenty of water Wanting to change often observed as stating intentions through goals doesn t necessarily ensure nor predict successful change Motivated clients with a readiness to change will have the greatest success translating stated goals into practice plans American Psychological Association 2017 References American Psychological Association 2017 September 27 Beyond Goal Setting to Goal Flourishing Retrieved from American Psychological Association http www apa org pubs highlights spotlight issue 101 aspx Mercola D 2013 April 25 How to Protect Your Mental Health and Avoid an Emotional Breakdown Retrieved from Mercola https articles mercola com sites articles archive 2013 04 25 emotional health tips aspx

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