Essay Example on In 1905 the very first licensed pizzeria in America opened its Doors









In 1905 the very first licensed pizzeria in America opened its doors to the public This restaurant is called G Lombardi s which is still open today and serving pizza from the very same oven used in 1905 when it opened However pizza didn't become popular until the 1940's The surge in popularity is credited to soldiers who were fighting overseas in WWII who sought after pizza once they returned During this time european immigrants who were seeking factory jobs craved pizza in america as well The americanized pizza that we have come to know and love is different from the classic pizza that originated from Italy Instead of using flatbread Italian pizza uses pie crust thus creating a pizza pie With the transition of pie crust to flatbread american pizza became a lot cheaper in comparison to its italian counterpart and a lot more appealing to the general public Restaurants serving pizza became more experimental rapidly creating more pizza types like deep dish and thin crust with more non traditional toppings like pineapple With this explosion of creativity it seems like every type of pizza has something to offer I myself don't have a single favorite but I prefer barbecue chicken pizza and Hawaiian pizza alongside cinnamon sticks Hawaiian pizza shockingly didn t originate from hawaii It was first created in Canada by Sam Panopoulos who tried it as a topping just for fun Both he and his brother enjoyed it for the contrast of the sweetness of the pineapple and the savoriness of the ham officially selling it on 1962 in one of his restaurants in Ontario 

The topping didn't become a source of debate until the president of Iceland denounced the pizza online sparking what would be a heated debate for the next few years Many pineapple haters state that pineapple is overpowering and drowns out the other flavors of the pizza while others say it's not in line with their personal tastes However I believe that hawaiian pizza works because pineapple on pizza pairs well with the savoriness of ham Moreover hawaiian pizza is good for leftovers because it retains its flavor over time and it's not terrible if you decide to eat it cold People who are pro pineapple find different ways to enjoy it along different toppings such as pepperoni or bell pepper thus sparking a new way to enjoy pizza Not everyone accepts pineapple pizza but I think it s a wonderful addition to the growing collection of pizza toppings Barbecue chicken pizza is the result of more experimental pizza types differing greatly from traditional pizza It made its first debut in california by Ed LaDou and Chez Panisse becoming a variant of what s known as california pizza Barbecue chicken pizza varies from restaurant to restaurant so the toppings for each recipe is different My preferred barbecue chicken pizza toppings are chicken bacon onions and barbecue sauce Criticisms for the pizza type usually sum up to the flavors being too overwhelming 

The bold flavors of this pizza are sure to deter a few people at first glance but I believe the flavors blend well together to create a great sweet and savory combination In addition to this the pizza is just as good if not better cold making it an excellent choice if you decide to keep it for leftovers Barbecue chicken pizza is underappreciated for it s leftover worth and flavor and isn t for the faint of heart Pizza supplements are just as important as the pizza itself as they tend to enhance the overall meal and provide a palate swap to keep the pizza s flavor fresh Common supplements for pizza include beverages breadsticks chicken wings and cinnamon sticks The most effective supplements on this list would be cinnamon sticks and beverages such as pop since the sugary flavors would contrast the pizza the most In my opinion cinnamon sticks are the best supplement for pizza It serves as an excellent desert and the hot cinnamon bread pairs well with sugary icing However the time the cinnamon sticks are served plays a critical role for its success For example cinnamon sticks are best served fresh out of the oven when the bread is at its hottest and the bread becomes hardened when left to cool for too long It s for this reason that cinnamon sticks are not viable for leftovers even when heating it up in the microwave the bread becomes spongy Despite this it s excellent initially All types of pizza have their own benefits and each cater to the flavor preferences that differ from person to person This is clear from the seemingly endless types of pizzas that restaurants serve and that people make at home The versatility that pizza shows definitely adds to why it became so popular in the first place whether it s american style or italian style pizza Sparking from this surge of popularity is the need for extra supplements to compliment pizza and the possibilities for those supplements are as boundless as the possibilities for pizza toppings No matter how pizza differs it ll always be considered a classic meal because of the history it holds and the hearts it captivates around the world

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