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In a time of discrimination and racism nine children entered a white only school only to change the future of lives of millions of blacks They were called Little Rock Nine which was made of Melba Pattillo Beals Minnijean Brown Elizabeth Eckford Ernest Green Gloria Ray Karlmark Carlotta Walls LaNier Thelma Mothershed and Terrence Roberts The Little Rock Nine US History Context In 1954 the Supreme Court decided to make segregation in public schools illegal Since Governor Faubus disagreed to this decision President Eisenhower met with him to discuss the decision Finally in 1955 the Little Rock School board compiled and agreed on letting nine African American enroll into the all white high school Little Rock Nine Timeline Hartford Courant Changing school for the children was a frightening experience because of the amount of changes hey had to go through and he amount of new opportunities they would have Little Rock Remembers The Little Rock Nine

In 1957 the nine students went in the school for the first time But before the nine students came one by one around twenty eight white students from Central High School left the building to protest against the children When Elizabeth Eckford tried going in the school she was blocked and someone yelled Lynch her Whoever she turned to gave her a dirty look even the ones with kind faces When she tried going away from the yelling crowd and sat on a bench a white news reporter came up to her and said Don't let them see you cry The Long Shadow of Little Rock A Memoir Bates Elizabeth spoke about how insecure she got when the burden of going to an all white school came down on her She says I was more concerned about what I would wear whether we could finish my dress in time what I was wearing was that okay would it look good I saw the guards break ranks as students approached the sidewalks so that they could pass through to get to school And I approached the guard at the corner as I had seen some other students do and they closed ranks So I thought

Maybe I am not supposed to enter at this point So I walked further down the line of guards to where there was another sidewalk and I attempted to pass through there But when I stepped up they crossed rifles And again I said to myself So maybe I'm supposed to go down to where the main entrance is So I walked toward the center of the street and when I got to about the middle and I approached the guard he directed me across the street into the crowd It was only then that I realized that they were barring me that I wouldn t go to school In Her Own Words Elizabeth Eckford Eckford At 11 30 there was a fire drill which seemed to have been held on information that a bomb had been planted in the school Report on Little Rock Smiley Everyone exited the school including the nine black children As they waited to be called back in they were yelled at After forty five minutes the students were let back in a bomb not found The first time they tried to enter the high school the children were beaten up and yelled at unable to even enter and Governor Faubus didn't do anything to stop the riot The Mayor of Little Rock Knew this was wrong He consulted President Eisenhower for help The President sent guards to protect the nine children

They were finally enrolled without violence Even with soldiers protecting them from class to class they were still treated poorly They called them names and bullied them And as they kept on being treated like this Minnijean Brown could no longer handle it and left Central High School for a high school in New York The other eight however made it until the end of the year Federally protected during their high school years Ernest Green was the first of the children to graduate from Central High School also becoming the first African American to do so Your colored face has voice You get to speak out You get to come to the table and be part of the argument said Doctor Melba Pattillo Beals When I was a little girl we didn't have that privilege we were still sitting at the back of the bus we were still drinking from water fountains marked colored and we had no right to say anything So don't talk to me about where we ve gone I think we've gone a long way towards taking that first step Little Rock Nine share their stories and compare struggles to today Ferrando Through attending that high school the nine children managed to convey their message to not be afraid to dream big and change the world Now years later there is a memorial in honor of Little Rock Nine in Little Rock Arkansas Because of the event public schools aren't segregated and there is peace between colors Still even now there are children who haven't gotten and want and education

The Little Rock Nine Foundation was made to give an opportunity to all children so they could get the education they need After this incident many people agreed that the segregation of skins was completely wrong What happened here 40 years ago was simply wrong It was evil and we renounce it Gov Mike Huckabee whose daughter is a Central student said today Never never never never again Clinton Salutes Little Rock Nine Sobieraj Even though the doing was wrong it happened and was able to maybe prevent something similar or even worse happening in the future

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