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In reference to Al Qaradhawi 1999 zakat is an act of worship to Allah and is the third among the five pillars of Islam Al Qaradhawi and Dr Hussein Shahatah 1999 defined zakat on salary and income with the term zakat al mal al mustafad whereby it brings a meaning that zakat upon the source of salary earned or works done and any professional income during a lifetime retirement or death In technicality zakat is defined as a determining share of one s wealth to be distributed among the lawful beneficiaries that are entitled for the wealth as prescribed by Allah in the Holy Quran This however Abdul Majid M Z 1992 explained that from a fiqh perspective zakat is defined as a payment of certain portion of certain type of wealth for the benefits of certain groups that have been specified by Allah This categories are divided into eight fragments as previously discussed in part one of this research paper would be the poor the needy those employed to administer zakat those whose hearts are to be reconciled those in slavery those in debt those in the way of Allah and the destitute traveler 

On the other hand Daud 2008 considered zakat as an act of monetary worship to Allah with the consideration that zakat is a wealth contribution and not a voluntary institution but it is rather compulsory to the people Islam is a religion that promotes the seeking of halal employment and in taking parts of trade activity in earning sustenance Regarding this matter Islam provided a way of ensuring that they are also benefiting the society with their businesses by placing obligations for those that are involved in the creation of wealth In this context we are referring to zakat described as a divine directive of philanthropy and humanity Scholars believe that the act of zakat produces both inner and outer dimension for the zakat payer Inner dimension demotivates ego indirectly helping Muslims eliminate selfishness and greed within oneself The outer dimension is generally what was understood most by the people It involves the purification of wealth and helping others that are in need This faith reveals that by paying zakat we are increasing our wealth and not diminishing them Al Mustafa 2016 1 1 Theory of Reasoned Action A theory in the social psychology field that best relate with the compliance of zakat and in further explaining this question is the theory of reasoned action This theory fundamentally explains people behavior Fishbein Ajzen 1975 and it had been evidently been applied to various behavioral situation e g Hanno Violette 1996 Oliver Bearden 1985 Shimp Kavas 1984 The main focus of this theory is behavioural intention as a precursor to the actual behaviour The key element in relating between this theory and zakat compliance is the intention that exists within an individual before a person acts on it Zainol Kamil Faridahwati 2009 In other words it is the factors that affects an individual s behaviour for instance attitudes referent group subjective norms and religiosity and how it manipulates the intentions of an individual whether the they would act on it or otherwise

This theory essentially postulates that a decision to actually voluntarily act or not to act is determined by an individual s intention to act or not to act 1 2 Attitudes in Zakat Compliance Attitude is defined by the littlest to the most complex act that we can perform Ajzen and Fishbein 1980 has defined attitude as the degree to which an individual has a good or poor evaluation on a particular behaviour We are said to be a creature of preferences These preferences exist in distinctly human ways such as the moral codes by which we fulfil our obligations in accordance to our values and beliefs in life Banaji M R Heiphetz L 2009 As seen in a verse from the Holy Qur an zakat expenditure is only for the needy and for those employed to collect zakat and for bringing hearts together for Islam and for freeing captives and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the traveller an obligation by Allah And Allah is knowing and wise Al Qur an 9 60 In the context of reviewing this zakat compliance is fundamentally a voluntary behaviour and hence the theory is therefore appropriate in dealing with this issue Theoretically a Muslim with good attitudes and attributes towards their religion shall follow through with the rulings of God In investigating the factors influencing zakat compliance attitudes are among the primary factor chosen to be analysed It is deemed important for by understanding a person s attitudes we can grasp and predict the compliance of a Muslim in paying zakat Several previous studies were also seen to have examined the relevance of attitudes towards zakat compliance Kamil 2002 Ram Al Jafri Kamil Zainol 2009 Zainol Kamil Faridahwati 2009 Natrah 2009 The majority of the studies had been proven to be a significant predictor in showing how attitudes is influencing zakat compliance These studies are also vastly alligned with Mastura Bidin 2015 Fatin 2016 in proving further relevance to this hypothesis More studies like these includes Halizah Kasumalinda Agoos 2011

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