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In the Biography Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer published in 1996 the protagonist Chris McCandless discovers how he wanted to find himself through the rawness of life through the beauty of nature that surrounded him As a result of his long and eventful journey he did in fact live a meaningful life by achieving the goals he set for himself Told in the first person Krakauer addresses the theme by describing settings of the Alaskan wilderness establishing the main conflict of surviving and incorporating the literary devices of Irony and characterization Krakauer s main purpose is to explain exactly what happened to Chris on the trail and find a motive for why Chris did what he did Chris then changed his identity when he began his journey He called himself Alexander Supertramp He did some questionable things and although he did some unusual things he was sane Alex was well educated and highly respected by everyone who knew him Jon Krakauer was a well respected author an American writer and mountaineer Jon Krakauer wrote the book Into the wild to express his thoughts about his disapproval on what several people assume about Christopher McCandless Krakauer says McCandless went into the wilderness not primarily to ponder nature or the world at large but rathers to explore the inner country through his own soul 183 Chris wanted more then to explore the nature around him he wanted to find himself leaving society and exploring his inner soul with no distractions Krakauer expresses how Chris was a true adventurer 

He went through his journey mostly by foot and would not take any chance to cheat it In Chris s Journal he composes It is the experiences the memories the great triumphant joy of living to the fullest extent in which real meaning is found God it's great to be alive Thank You Thank You Pg37 McCandless s confesion in his journal proved that he had no regrets of what he had done even though it almost cost him his life By surviving with as little equipment as possible Chris shows that happiness doesn't depend on comfort His books give him strength to continue traveling and also inspires him to live in isolation McCandless states Two years he walks this earth no phone no pool no pets no cigarettes Ultimate freedom An extremist 163 This shows how Chris was feeling about himself and his journey He wrote this specific quote on a piece of weathered plywood explaining how proud of himself he is and the goals he has accomplished so far in his journey McCandless wanted to escape from the rest of the world and wanted to live in the moment He didn't want to worry about what other people had to say about him he wanted that freedom Krakauer states He was looking for more adventure and freedom than today's society gives people 174 This shows how not everyone thought the way Chris did he wanted more freedom and the only way to get that was leaving society to live the life he wanted McCandless accepted help from others when offered but never asked He became completely independent and learned to rely only on himself Chris McCandless did not want anyone telling him how to live his life especially the way his parents wanted him to Steve Jobs an american entrepreneur and inventor once said Your time is limited don't waste it living someone else's life What Steve Jobs is saying is that you shouldn't waste your time living up to someone's expectations like how 

Chris didn't want to live the life his parents did He made his own decisions and did what he had to do to live his meaningful life Some people would say that his decision was selfish and immature but he achieved everything he set out to achieve Resulting in having a worldview that gives him strength and serenity Krakauer states McCandless distrusted the value of things that came easy 184 Chris did not want to live his life easy and boring He wanted that constant feeling of adrenaline and the rush he wanted to live a life full of challenges and obstacles During Chris Mccandless last moments of life he seemed to gain a sense of meaning and clarity about the meaning of life He was authentic and had a goal to journey to Alaska and survive for as long as he could In his last dying moments he says When you forgive you love And when you love God's light shines on you Krakauer Having no regret or remorse he was filled with love and true happiness which was all he ever wanted McCandless lives his life to the fullest because he challenges himself in a way that feels meaningful He lives a life studying books while living out his ideal life and dies content knowing that he accomplished his goal of discovering who he was

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