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In The diary of Anne Frank a 13 years old girl shows her thoughts about the problems that appear because the right of believing in what you want is not respected Anne Frank demonstrates perseverance as she tries to live a normal lifestyle while she and her family fights for survival in the Second World War Her father Otto Frank with the help of his company s employers manages to find a hiding place in an unknown part of a building called the Secret Annex were he his family and a few other people will live for more than two years Even if her life in the annex is difficult she still finds the power to think of other persons that don't have the luck to be safe from the War and feels bad that she is more fortunate When Anne Frank first begins writing in her diary as a thirteen year old girl she feels that her family and the other members of the annex don t understand her Being a teenager who is just starting to form her character and identity she feels like she is alone even if she surrounded by people Because of this she first speaks to the diary thinking that it is a sympathetic nonjudgmental friend that she couldn t find elsewhere The time that she spends hiding in the annex make her feel even more misunderstood The bad energy that accumulates being locked in such a small place make her think that her mother is cold and rough and has the impression that the other adults consider her a nuisance 

The diary offers Anne consolation in the annex because she is in need of companionship Until she becomes friend with Peter Anne has no one other than her diary with whom she can openly share her fear anger sadness and hope Anne address to the diary sometimes with the name of Kitty indicating that she considers it a close friend She occasionally even writes to Kitty who helps her to put her thoughts in order and who is always there when she needs a friend Firstly Anne Frank was just an ordinary girl What makes her different is the situations and the problems that she is going through There were many Jewish children just like her and also many of them kept a diary during the war so that wasn't unusual either However most of the diaries weren't published and weren't so well organized either After the war Anne father which was actually the one who gave her the diary as a present on her 13 years anniversary has done everything possible to publish her pages because he thought that his daughter s message was important Her diary is also very well written for thirteen years old girl Some even consider it literature because it's not easy to write correctly and meaningfully at such a young age Her book is also a very good piece of history For example many people identify with her diary that is fascinating to read because it shows the war period as it really was through some emotional and deep phrases So we can say that her pure soul her sincerity and courage have also been of a great help when we are talking about the success that the book had Secondly her diary represents a piece of her life not just a piece of history

She wrote there all the emotions and feelings that she had during the two years that she spent there thoughts about her childhood and her first love Peter who is like her second best friend besides Kitty Anne managed to amaze people with her mature thinking that helps her to stay calm and not going crazy being closed there All the bad experiences make her stronger and give her hope that maybe one day she will have the chance to enjoy being touched by the sunlight Readers from all ages got the chance to learn and also were inspired from her sensitive and deep words Also because her diary it's very well structure and mature even adults were interested in reading it For me her diary was one of the books that inspired me the most she caught my attention with her courage bravery and determination that simple stunned me She helped to realize what are the important things in life and to appreciate more what I have If I had been in her shoes who knows how long I would have survived In fact those were the main ideas that made me want to read her diary I was curious about her thoughts Moreover I think that her mature way of thinking and of being calm in extreme situations and also the facts about the Second World War that she presented made many people to read it In conclusion The diary of Anna Frank had such a big worldwide recognition because the amazing story that she wrote about her own life and emotions impressed people from all over the world and people of all ages Her diary has been translated into more than 50 languages and there have been even plays written and film made about Anne Frank and the experiences that she had

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