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In the novel Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Jane objects the biased opinions of how a Victorian woman like herself ought act within society Jane s seat in society is among the lower class Her job as a mere governess puts her down in the preconceived society but yet she protests the original ethics of how a Victorian woman of the time period should handle herself Thus shapes Jane as an atypical feminine heroine Throughout the narrative Jane expresses her thoughts and feelings regarding certain subjects by vocally speaking into the novel for a trait rarely seen in women of that era Initially in the tome Jane states I am no bird and no net ensnares me I am a free human being with an independent will Bronte 256 Thus displays how Jane s ethos varies from the norm of a Victorian women Rather than grasping the ideas of men Jane suggests to let her reasoning be hers and isn t hesitant about expressing them In the reading she specifies it is in boastful attitude to say humans beings should be glad with stillness mortals need to have action and they ll make it in the event that they can not locate it thousands and thousands are condemned to a stiller doom than mine and thousands and thousands are in silent rebel towards their lot nobody knows how many rebellions except political rebellions ferment inside the loads of life which human beings earth girls are imagined to be very calm normally but ladies feel simply as guys feel they want workout for their schools and a discipline for their efforts as a lot as their brothers do they suffer from too rigid a restraint to absolute a stagnation precisely as men would suffer and it is narrow minded in their more privileged fellow creatures to say that they ought to confine themselves to making puddings and knitting stockings to playing on the piano and embroidering bags 

It is thoughtless to condemn them or laugh at them if they seek to do more or learn more than custom has pronounced necessary for their sex Bronte 167 This shows how Jane rightfully sees herself as an equal among men Jane believes that she should be able to enjoy the same luxuries as a man can Jane standing up for her rights makes her a female heroine because she is not only standing up for herself but for her fellow women of that time period Another example of Jane having an opinion of her own is when Rochester questions her if she finds him handsome Jane blatantly responds telling him she doesn't think so If we look at Blanche Ingram a near perfect example of a Victorian woman and definitely not a female heroine Blanch would most certainly say yes to Mr Rochester s question Frankly Blanche would agree with whatever Rochester proposed which unlike Jane basically makes her have no opinion of her own Jane differs from Blanche because of her strong morals Her opinions are her own and unlike Blanche she firmly sticks to them Jane also may be viewed as unconventional when looking at her love with Mr Rochester Most people during that time rarely married due to love in fact it was the opposite Mostly there was some other reason for marriage like money Rochester falls for Jane not because of her social status but for her Her unique personality sets her apart from women like Blanche who basically kiss up to Rochester because that’s what women were expected to do during that age Jane s refusal to marry Rochester until the second time when they finally do and st john at first showcases her independence She doesn’t want to be St johns wife or Rochester s mistress Jane is not only held back by gender restraints of that time but also by her social status within society Jane works as a mere governess and ends up falling in love with a member of the upper class Mr Rochester 

At this time in the world they lived in the thought of Jane and Rochester together seemed completely wrong Leading up to Rochester s confession of his love for her Rochester and Jane are frequently held back from expressing their feelings for one another In the book it states Goodnight my goodnight Jane Bronte_ It's very clear at this moment that Rochester s intent was to say goodnight my love but he stopped himself not because he didn't have those feelings for Jane but because of restrictions of her social class It would be one thing if he didn't say I love you in front of a crowd but not saying it when only Jane is present just shows how deeply people value these social norms In the end though Jane realizes that she can't stay away from the man she loves and travels to Fredernain to be with him despite what people think and say Then defying all social standards she marries Rochester at last because she truly loves him and it doesn't matter to Jane that he's not in her so called class Jane doesn't really have the typical qualities of a heroine or perform heroic deeds Instead she is more of an unconventional female heroine whose heroic traits are more subtle Jane consistently stands up for her beliefs no matter what other people think which takes courage nowadays nevermind in an age where women were supposed to be obedient and silent She is independent and can survive on her without the help and guidance of a man She also received an education the level men received which again is another accomplishment for women in her time For the reasons listed above Jane Eyre is clearly an unconventional female heroine at its finest

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